10 Things I Learned From Getting My First IUD

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The first day was hell. Me and my electric blanket and
my tears and many, many episodes of Friends. It was …
pretty similar to a bad period, actually.

I cramped pretty much continuously for the first week,
but they were like, normal period cramps. Nothing that
disrupted my life.

After 30 days, I was still cramping mildly probably once
or twice a week, for a couple of hours or a day at a time. My
uterine lining shed continuously during this time, but still
without a lot of visible blood, so every time I used the toilet
there’d be a delightful little reddish-beige chunk waiting for
me. I didn’t get a regular period. Instead, I spotted and bled
lightly pretty much the entire time. During one week — what
would normally be my period, according to my tracker — I bled
enough to require a pad/a light tampon, but for the most part I
used panty liners or, honestly, nothing at all, and didn’t ruin
any underwear. That’s how light it was. During this time, my
breasts were fairly tender, and my libido was all over the
place. So, you know. Mild PMS, but for a month.

After 60 days, cramping steadily declined, but I was
still bleeding and spotting, though less regularly — I’d go
five to seven days at a time without cramping or bleeding, then
have a day or two of both, then another four days, etc. You get
where I’m going with this.

After 90 days, I cramp only when I’m supposed to be
getting my period, but I haven’t gotten an actual period
since getting my IUD. It’s kind of nice, actually.

One symptom has continued since insertion and is annoying. But
according to my doctor, it should go away in the next month or
two. I cramp after sex almost every time. It’s not bad enough
to keep me celibate and hasn’t affected my sex drive at all,
but I will admit to being ready for it to go away.

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