11 Ways I Deal With Being A Social Introvert

7. Don’t be
scared to take breaks when you need to.

Don't be scared to take breaks when you need to.

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Haejin Park / BuzzFeed

Midway through a recent house party, I needed a break from all
the people. So I went and sat by myself in an empty room. When
I rejoined the group, the host suggested everyone move to the
room I’d just vacated, prompting a young man to ask, “but isn’t
that where that poor lady is recovering?”

Reader, I was the poor lady. I asked my friend about it,
and our conversation went like this:
“I’m the poor lady, aren’t I? Why am I a poor lady?”
“Everyone was asking if you were ok, so I said you’d had too
much rum and needed a minute.”
“But I haven’t had too much rum, people are just
“See, this is why people think you don’t want to be friends
with them.”

Which sounds bad, but actually, IT WAS FINE. It’s ok to go and
have some alone-time. The world won’t end. I went back after my
people-break, refreshed and revived, and by the end of the
night everyone had forgotten about it. The young man and his
friend did ask if I was OK, to which I said “oh yes, I’m fine,
just desperately anti-social.” One of them looked at me like I
was batshit crazy, but the other immediately nodded his head in
understanding. That is a 50% success rate my friends, and I
will take that.

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