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It’s really, really good for you.

Orgasms may ease period pain.

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study conducted in 2000 showed that nearly
1 in 10 women masturbated more frequently
during their menstrual cycle because of the
effect it had on their pain.

ID: 10532475

2. Orgasms
can also help strengthen your pelvic floor

Doing regular pelvic floor exercises (Kegel
exercises) can strengthen your pelvic floor
muscles, explains Dr. Alyssa Dweck,
board-certified OBGYN and author of
V is for Vagina. Kegel exercises
involve contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor
muscles, and during orgasm, pelvic floor muscles
can contract up to 15 times at almost
one-second intervals!
So this can help
improve pelvic floor strength in a similar
fashion; it’s just a whole lot more fun.

ID: 10545206

Orgasms can potentially help get rid of your

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According to this
study, 60% of migraine sufferers who had
sex during a migraine said that it made it
better, while a third said it made it worse.

ID: 10538779

5. And
having sex can strengthen your immune system,
meaning you might get sick less often!

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There was a study
conducted at the University of Pennsylvania
that found that people who reported having sex
more frequently also had higher levels of
immunoglobulin A in their saliva samples, which
is important for protecting your immune system.

ID: 10532517

6. Your

heart health can also be improved by
getting that O-face on.

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Yep, according to Dweck, sex can give your
cardiovascular system a little workout. She
explained further noting, “sex and orgasms can
cause blood vessels to dilate throughout the
body, which can help overall cardiovascular

ID: 10537475

7. And
those hiccups that just will not go away?
Orgasm them away.

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In this
case study of one 40-year-old man who had
continuous hiccups for four days, they finally
stopped after he ejaculated.

ID: 10539086

Orgasming regularly might help you climax
even more often.

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Flicking the bean and getting down and dirty
helps you learn what feels good and develop a
rhythm. So, as Dweck likes to say, “Practice
makes perfect.”

ID: 10537476

9. And
regular orgasms can reduce the risk of prostate

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According to
this study, men who ejaculate more often
have a lower risk of prostate cancer.

ID: 10537486

Orgasms may also help improve your overall
self-esteem and body image.

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This is especially evident while you’re
masturbating, as it can give you a sense of
pride over what your body can accomplish and
how good it can make you feel, according to

ID: 10537784

Orgasms might even improve your overall focus.

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When you have an orgasm, it puts your brain on
vacation from thinking, and it becomes all
about experience. Castellanos says this might
even help you learn how to focus your energy in
other areas of your life. Hey, it’s worth a

ID: 10537851

12. And,
orgasming regularly can make you happier.

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Dweck explains that orgasms can increase
endorphin and oxytocin levels, causing a
relaxation response. So, physiologically,
orgasms can chill you out and maybe even help
counteract all the negative stuff going on in
your life.

ID: 10537837

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