13 Little Things Anxiety Sufferers Should Know

13. Don’t let
anyone who isn’t your therapist tell you how you *should* be
dealing with your anxiety.

Don't let anyone who isn't your therapist tell you how you *should* be dealing with your anxiety.

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All of these are just suggestions that have helped me, and if
they don’t work for you that is TOTALLY FINE. There are so many
different kinds of anxiety, from GAD, social anxiety and
anxiety attacks, to the run-of-the-mill stress and worry that
everyone goes through (if you have not experienced this, please
contact me, I think you might be a labrador in disguise), and
added to that is the fact that we are all different people with
different chemistry, mindsets, and reactions.

The point is, don’t let people make you feel bad about anything
that works for you, or try to tell you you’re failing because
THEIR method of anxiety-coping isn’t your jam. It works both
ways: I’ve had well-meaning friends with anxiety use their
therapy techniques on me and had it backfire, and I’ve also had
people tell me that candles and baths are placebo-effect
nonsense. But so what if it is? The point is, it works for me,
and if something works for you, KEEP DOING THAT. Nothing wrong
with a good ole’ fashioned placebo IMO.

Talking to your doctor and getting therapy are both important
and worthwhile, but if something small like lighting a candle
also helps you, then that is valid too. And no matter what
helps, the most important thing is to always be respectful of
other people’s coping mechanisms, whatever those may be. After
all, we’re all in this together.

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