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Posted on April 03, 2017, 16:01 GMT

Have you noticed that
peanut butter is literally a perfect food?

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It pairs with the sweet as well as the savory. It’s kind
of a condiment but it can also anchor a snack or meal. It
can be crunchy or creamy. It makes raw vegetables
and fruit taste better. But peanut butter’s most
magical trait of all? It’s really freaking good for you.
It’s full of healthy fats (mostly unsaturated, some
saturated), contains protein and potassium, and even
provides some fiber.

But there are a few caveats to peanut butter’s
transcendent healthiness:

1. Many big brand peanut butters contain added sugar and
hydrogenated oils (which
aren’t good for you).

2. Peanut butter is often paired with sugary treats like
ice cream and chocolate. Don’t get me wrong: That is
AMAZING. But sugary stuff isn’t something you want to
base your diet off of (probably). BTW, if you are devoted
to peanut butter with added sugar, aim for 3g of sugar or
less per two tablespoons.

To prove that peanut butter can be amazing without added
sugar and oils (and beyond being inside a peanut butter
cup), BuzzFeed Health put together a list of tips and
recipes for creating delicious peanut butter memories.
And btw, the recipes here aren’t sugar- and salt-free
(though they can be!). They’re just more ~temperate~
added sweetness-wise.

1. Drizzle it on popcorn.

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Just heat up 1/2 cup of peanut butter, drizzle it on your
popcorn with some sea salt and go to town. Check out more
detailed step-by-step instructions here.

2. Make overnight oats in an
almost-empty jar.

@nocturnallina / Via instagram.com

You can either invest time and labor into getting every
last bit of peanut butter out of the jar (which, btw,
respect) or you can live your best life by using it as as
a vessel for overnight oats. Basically you just take
rolled oats, milk, and any add-ins (fruit, chia seeds,
nuts, coconut, you name it), throw it in the jar and
refrigerate overnight.

Here’s a recipe for peanut butter
overnight oats to get you started.

3. Or make peanut butter hot

@haleyjjustice / Via instagram.com

Peanut butter, milk, cocoa powder, and a bit of sugar. NO
BRAINER. Get the recipe here.

4. Add your own favorite flavors to
store-bought peanut butter.

@chef_nicol / Via instagram.com

Yes, of course you can buy peanut butter that has honey
or cinnamon or maple syrup added. But those might also
have sugars and oils added that you don’t want to deal
with. Or maybe they’re too sweet or not salty enough. Why
not mix them yourself and DIY cinnamon or honey or maple
peanut butter?

Mix peanut butter in a bowl with your ingredients of
choice, stir well, seal in a mason jar, and take over the
world. Here are some winning flavor combos and how to make

5. Or MYO crunchy flavored peanut

@jaslind / Via instagram.com

Why wait for someone to invent graham cracker peanut
butter when you can crush up graham crackers and
mix them into your peanut butter? Or pretzels. Or banana
chips. Shit, you can put Cinnamon Toast Crunch in there.
Honestly get creative.

Empty a jar of peanut butter into a bowl, add your
crushed up crunchy stuff along with any wet ingredients,
and stir. Throw in it a mason jar and shout “YOLO” from
the rooftops.

6. Pour it on your stirfry with

Lauren Zaser / Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed / Via

Look, you can literally just mix peanut butter straight
from the jar into your stirfry as it’s almost done

But you can also make a delicious carrot noodle stirfry
with homemade peanut sauce (like the one above). Get the

7. Make a healthy two-ingredient peanut
butter banana ice cream.

Two Peas and Their Pod / Via twopeasandtheirpod.com

All you need is frozen bananas, peanut butter, a blender,
and a dream.

Get the recipe here.

8. Make peanut butter hummus.

@diamonds_grl_fitlife / Via instagram.com

It’s just chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, peanut butter,
and olive oil in a blender. You’re basically just
swapping out tahini for peanut butter. Get the recipe

9. Literally just spoon it into instant

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All you do is make the ramen as you normally would and
add a tablespoon or two (OR MORE) to the mug/pot and
stir. Maybe add a couple drops of Sriracha. Enjoy your
peanut-y noodles.

10. Improve fruit and Greek
yogurt by making a Greek yogurt peanut butter dip.

@_samango_ / Via instagram.com

The thing about fruit and Greek yogurt is that they’re
both better with peanut butter. Get the recipe for the
dip here.

11. Store your jars of peanut butter
upside down.

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If you buy the kind of peanut butter that isn’t made with
hydrogenated oils to prevent separation, the peanut oil
will naturally separate from the nut butter. But if you
store your jar upside down, the oil will seep back into
the peanut butter. You will still have to stir it to mix
the oil back in fully, but the job is so much easier when
the oil has mixed in somewhat.

12. And please don’t pour out the oil
from separated peanut butter.

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Your peanut butter will get dry AF.

13. If your peanut butter does get dry,
mix some oil back in. And might I suggest coconut oil?

Marekuliasz / Getty Images

You can breathe new life into your p.b. by adding the oil
back in. You can use peanut oil, but if you like coconut
flavor, coconut oil is a no brainer.

14. Invest in some mixing

@lisadunntraining / Via instagram.com

Don’t let separated peanut butter get you down. For $12
you can get a mess-free mixer on Amazon. Just screw on the
included lid and crank that mixing rod till your peanut
butter is blended smooth.

Or you can really lean into mixing your peanut butter
with this jar lid from Amazon that you can use with an
electric hand mixer ($6).

15. Make creamy peanut butter coffee
because you really can have it all.

@sweetcornernyc / Via instagram.com

All you do is heat up whatever milk you like with peanut
butter, vanilla extract, and honey, whisk it, and add it
to black coffee. Voilà: homemade peanut butter cafe au
lait. Get the recipe here.

16. Whip up a simple peanut butter
fondue on your stovetop.

@restdedodemoca / Via instagram.com

Heat up peanut butter, honey, cream, cinnamon, and cocoa
powder (adjusting amounts to desired sweetness) and then
dip fruit, vegetables, and pretzels into hot peanut
butter love. Get the recipe here.

17. Honestly just try make your own damn
peanut butter.

@______esp______ / Via instagram.com

If you’ve ever ground up raw peanuts in a grocery store
you might’ve tasted it and been reminded of
peanut-flavored cardboard. But it is possible to MYO
delicious p.b. Just make sure you use roasted peanuts
which have a way richer flavor. Blend them up with some
peanut oil, sea salt, and whatever add-ins you want. Get
step-by-step instructions here.

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