17 Secrets Your Dentist And Hygienist Will Never Tell You

“Not flossing is like wiping your buttcheeks and not the

Posted on July 18, 2017, 20:16 GMT

1. Quit telling us how much you hate

Please don’t tell us you hate us. Imagine hearing multiple
times during your work day how much you are hated.

Expressing anxiety is different — part of my job is to
alleviate the pain, fear and concerns of my patients. But hate?
I know of no other profession in which it is acceptable to tell
a doctor how much you hate them.

I’m simply doing my job the best that I can and unfortunately
when the appointment begins with an insult, it greatly
decreases my ability to perform at the highest level. It’s a
real downer.”


2. Yes, rarely flossing is horrible for
your teeth and gums.

“If you don’t floss every day, bacteria left between the teeth,
plus acid from foods (sugars and carbs), lower the pH in the
mouth to the point where demineralization of the enamel occurs.
Although it’s easier to tie one habit in with another, I tell
my patients they don’t HAVE to floss right after brushing.
Floss in the shower, floss while you’re watching TV, or heck,
pick up some floss and use it while you’re doing pretty much
anything. The main goal with flossing is to disturb the
bacteria between your teeth so it doesn’t have an opportunity
to adhere to the surface and cause damage.
So go disturb
that bacteria!”


3. It’s basically the equivalent to

“Not flossing is like wiping your butt cheeks and not the


4. Just floss regularly, ok?

“We didn’t make you bleed. You not flossing and developing
gingivitis from poor home care is what made you bleed. Floss
daily and I guarantee your next cleaning will be a lot easier.”


5. And know when it’s time to get a new

“Change your toothbrush every three months, or after you get
sick. Brushes harbor bacteria!”


6. Brush your teeth BEFORE going to your
dentist appointment.

“For the love of compassion, please do NOT eat right before you
come in for a cleaning without brushing first! We are human
beings and do NOT enjoy picking food out of your teeth. It’s
just gross and this is not a car wash!”


7. Do us a favor and swallow your spit
during the cleaning.

“Also, your saliva doesn’t become toxic when we are in there.
It’s ok to swallow your own spit. It’s super annoying and takes
a lot of time out of your appointment if we have to suction
your mouth every two seconds.”


8. X-rays are important. And no, they
won’t kill you.

“People who think that one or two X-rays will instantly cause
cancer: a full set of X-rays (18 films) is comparable to the
radiation you receive from a 30 minute flight in a plane. You
are much worse off if we are unable to detect decay or any
other issue because you refuse X-rays.”


9. Neither will fluoride.

“Fluoride is not poison. If it was harmful to you, we wouldn’t
apply it.”


10. We see a lot of…interesting

“Once we had a man in our clinic with a weird shape of teeth.
None of us have seen anything like that before, and after
countless consultations with other doctors, he finally admitted
that he shaped them with a nail file.”


11. A lot of things.

“We had a patient whose crowns on her front teeth had fallen
off, so she glued fake white fingernails to her teeth…”


12. Like this method for cleaning

“I’ll never forget a particular patient who had come in for new
dentures. While reviewing the best way to properly clean his
dentures, he said that his dog cleans his dentures for him. I
must have given him a blank stare, because next thing I know,
he’s telling me about how he takes his dentures out at
night, lets the dog lick them clean, and then puts them right
back into his mouth.
My stomach did a flip after that.”


13. Get your wisdom teeth removed sooner
rather than later.

“99% of wisdom teeth are just there to cause problems in the
future. It is much easier on us AND you to get them out early
(18 years old) to prevent a hard recovery as a 50 year old.”


14. There are a lot of things that are
surprisingly bad for your teeth.

“Energy/sports drinks are worse for your teeth than soda! Soda
is still bad as hell, but other drinks are worse because of the


15. Teach kids how to properly care for
their teeth.

“Please, please, please help your children brush their teeth
and floss! Even 12-year-olds have a hard time brushing all
surfaces of their teeth, i.e. Along the gum lines, in the very
back, and on the tongue side. So many parents try to blame
their kids for not flossing and brushing right, but you need to
teach them and help them from a young age. You’ll save them
a lot of time and trouble and money in the future by helping
them to take care of their teeth as soon as they begin to get


16. Be honest about your medical

“It really is important to let us know your medical history and
medication list. There are some crazy things out there that
could harm you due to lack of information.”


17. So what did we learn today? Floss
regularly, brush regularly, and take care of your teeth.

“We see soo many patients that could have avoided cavities,
gingivitis, or periodontal disease if they just would’ve picked
up some floss more than the day before their next dental
appointment or come to the dentist regularly.

We’re less likely to have to place fillings, major restorative
work, or do deep cleanings with gum therapy, if patients would
come in as recommended and take proper care of their teeth.”


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