19 Things That Will Take You Right Back To Your Very First Period

Remember finding out that it was nothing like the nice blue
liquid in the ads?

Posted on April 05, 2017, 16:13 GMT

1. If you got your period before all
your friends, you became the source of all wisdom in your

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“Gather round, friends, and I shall tell you how terrible
cramps feel.”

2. Or, if you were the LAST one of your
friends, you had to reassure yourself that EVERYTHING WAS

3. And you demanded to know everything
they knew.


This was gonna be a big moment, and you needed the deets.

4. Just before your first period came,
you probably felt some inexplicable rage.

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Most of puberty comes with inexplicable rage.

5. Maybe you felt a bit woozy, and
couldn’t explain why.

6. And then, suddenly, it was

7. Even if you were well prepared for
The Big Moment, the way it looked still might have
taken you by surprise.

The CW

“Oh my god, it’s happened.

8. Whether or not you knew what it was,
you may have been freaked out by the


It’s just nothing near that pure blue liquid in the
commercials. Nothing at all.

9. If you WEREN’T prepared for what was
coming… You probably thought you were dying.


“I’m only 12, it’s not fair, I had so much more life to

10. Your first clot may have taken you
by surprise in a big way.


This was likely your first moment of fear that
everybody could see what was happening.

11. And your first cramps…were
difficult to handle.

Comedy Central

“Wow, so this is my life now? For the next few decades?

12. You hadn’t expected pads to feel so
much like a diaper.


Could people see it? Could they hear it swishing?

13. Trying to use a tampon for the first
time was, needless to say, a stressful moment.

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You didn’t quite know… where everything… was. And
which direction it went. And how far.

14. And the first time you tried to take
a tampon OUT may have required some exploration.


No matter what your teachers, friends, and parents told
you, you of course feared it could get stuck alllll the
way up inside your body, forever.

15. Then came the questions and new


Sharon from the year above told you you can have babies
now, and oh my god, can it just happen?? Like
you’re walking to school one day and BOOM, nine months

16. You’d heard a lot in TV and films
about how women on their periods loOOooOoove chocolate…so
you definitely used it as an excuse.

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17. And you definitely compared your
first period with your friends who already had theirs, to see
how you all compared.

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It was probably surprising to find out everyone’s a
liiiittle bit different.

18. But most of all, you couldn’t
believe how tiring it all was.


Once the excitement wore off, it was mostly just a
bloody, exhausting mess.

19. And finally, just when you thought
your first period was over… it wasn’t.


Like an old friend, it came right back and caught you by
surprise. RIP whatever pants you were wearing at the
time, and all those sadly lost in the years since.

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