21 Bad Penis Habits You Should Ditch ASAP News

2. You don’t
wash your penis often enough.

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Since the penis is an external organ, it doesn’t have the same
magical ~self-cleaning~ mechanisms that the vagina has to keep
bacteria and other stuff out. Plus, the penis and surrounding
area can get pretty warm and sweaty, which makes it easy for
bacteria and fungus to grow.

“If you don’t shower or clean the penis enough, especially if
you’re sweating a lot, you can end up with a rash and
irritation, or fungal infections like jock itch,” says Fisch.
Not to mention, the buildup of bacteria down there can also
cause an unpleasant odor, Fisch says, and smelling bad is never

“A lot of men don’t realize that they can also get yeast
infections which look like red patches on the penis,” says
Morgentaler. “Our bodies are naturally covered in fungus
(candida albicans), which can grow out of control if the area
is too moist.”

According to the experts, you should be washing your penis with
soap and water at least once a day (depending on how dirty and
sweaty you get). You should also be washing your penis after
you have sex, because fluids from your partner might allow more
bacteria to grow. Here’s more
info about cleaning your penis.

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