21 Body-Shaming Stories That Will Make You Rage Then Cheer


“If anyone wants to say I’m fat, I’d just tell them that
there’s just too much of me for their small minds to handle
and their cold hearts to love.”

Posted on August 02, 2017, 14:31 GMT

asked members of the
BuzzFeed Community to share their best clapbacks to body
shaming with us. Here’s what they shared:

1. This snappy comeback to someone who
has questions about the size of your breasts:

One day these guys came up to me and said, “Have you been the
same size your whole life?,” talking about my cup size.
“No, but I bet you have,” I said, putting my thumb and
index finger close together.


2. When you just have to break it all
the way down:

My mother used to say hurtful things to me about my weight
all the time when I was a teenager.
She always told me
she said those things first before a mean girl could say

After my first year of college I had gained some confidence
and realized that it wasn’t right for her to say those things
to me. So the next time she made a comment I said, “Mom
you’re being the mean girl you’re so worried about hurting
me. The things you say hurt my body image and my self
confidence. Please stop.”
I know she loves me and that a
lot of this come from her own insecurities, but she is very
careful now about what she says to me.


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3. This efficient shut down of a
mother-in-law’s judgement:

My fiancé’s mother told me that she was concerned that
because of my weight, her son would have to become my carer
in a few years because I’d be too fat to function.
I told
her calmly that I was perfectly healthy, low blood pressure,
low cholesterol levels, exercised regularly. She said, “But
doesn’t it bother you how you look aesthetically?” I actually
happen to like the way I look and my fiancé has made me feel
more beautiful than I’ve ever felt before, so I looked her in
the eye and said, “I like my body, and your son seems to
enjoy it a lot, too.” Shut down.


4. This explanation of how little other
people’s opinions of your body matter:

Several years ago, I mentioned to a now former friend (who
was in his fifties, BTW) that I had gained some weight and
was trying to drop a few pounds because I wasn’t very
comfortable. For whatever reason, his response was “Men
don’t like women that are too thin.” My response: “I do not
give a shit about what men think about my body. I don’t care
about what women think about my body. My body is not for
other people, and the only person whose opinion matters about
how I look is mine.”
He, rather wisely, decided to change
the subject.


5. When you let a boy’s parent know
that their son needs a talking-to:

One time in my freshman year of high school there was a boy
who was making fun of my legs and I saw his mom at a
football game after school and told her that her son is being
disrespectful to myself and other girls and body-shaming
She was horrified and promised me that she would
make sure nothing like that ever happened again from her


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6. When you give them a taste of their
own medicine:

When I was 14, just starting to get comfortable with my
curvy, wide body, I was walking down the street with a crop
top and jean shorts. I got catcalled by this guy who shouted,
“Hey, your mommy let you go out looking like that? It
ain’t exactly a pleasing look on you,
but I know what you
want, and I could help ya out.” Well, I was pissed, and
immediately responded with, “Your ma let you go out
looking like that? Ugh, well that ain’t exactly pleasing


7. When someone tries comes for you on
Facebook but you’ve heard it all before:


Whenever I debate people online, 99% of the time they
attack me for my weight. It used to hurt me, but I
love my body and I don’t care anymore.


8. When you let them know the actual
cost of sharing their opinion on your hair:

I get a lot of flack at work because I always keep my hair
up and I hate straightening it out.
Last week, I had to
go to a formal birthday, so the next day, I went to work with
straight hair, and everyone said, “That’s how you should come
to work every day!”

My answer was: “Then pay me 30,000 pesos (around $10)
every three days for it, because I don’t want to spend my
money on something to make you feel better about me. It’s not
worth it, and I like my hair natural.”


9. When they make assumptions about
your sexuality, so you have to zing them:

I have a really short pixie cut and wear quite
androgynous/masculine clothing, however I also have a figure
and largish breasts. The point is that so many guys have
told me that if I had longer hair and wore clothes that were
girlish/more flattering to my figure, that I would be
attractive/they would want to date me, etc.
response is always, “Well, I guess we now know why I have a
girlfriend and you don’t.”


10. When it’s just time to tell people
about themselves:

I had really bad acne growing up starting in the third grade,
so I said a lot: “I can fix my zits or lose some weight,
but you’re always going to be an annoying asshole who pokes
fun at other people to hide your own problems.”


11. This sick burn:

I am *proudly* flat -hested, but the boob fat I lack is all
in my butt. As I walked downtown, a man proceeded to tell me,
“If only half that fat in your ass was on your chest,
you’d look like a model, baby.”
I turned around in 0.2
seconds with, “If only half your thoughts were in your
head and not your penis then maybe you’d get a


12. When they think they’re insulting
you but they’re really just giving you the perfect

Waiting for a friend outside a movie theatre, two teen boys
passed and said, “Wow! An 8.2 on the Richter scale!” I
said, “Wow! A 9.9 on the asshole scale!”


13. When their comment on your vagina
backfires beautifully:

A girl in my high school once looked at me and said, “Your
jeans are too tight, you’ve almost got a camel toe.” I
advised her loudly to please keep staring at my vagina so she
could update me as the situation progressed.


14. This retort to someone who has
opinions on your food choices:

As any red-blooded American woman might do, I entered the
sandwich line purely because the special was a buffalo
chicken wrap.

Me: “Hello, I’d like the buffalo chicken wrap with shredded
cheddar cheese, please.”

Woman next to me in line: *Looking at my not-washboard
stomach* “Ugh, if you’re eating that you’ve GOT to be

Me: *Not pregnant* “No, I just like cheese, but you must
lead a joyless life if you think adding cheese to a wrap is a
wild pregnancy craving.”


15. When showing your indifference is

School senior: Your afro is too big. Do something about it.

Me: …I can’t hear you over the volume of my hair.


16. When a picture of yourself flipping
the bird is worth a thousand words:

Back in 7th grade this guy used to tease me for being
Fast forward to 10th grade when I moved back to
the States and he started talking to me out of nowhere. We
flirted back and forth for awhile and he started asking for
pictures (of course). So I replied with a picture of me
flipping the bird captioned, “This is for all those times you
called me fat in middle school.”


17. And when no words are needed:

After a night out in college I was with my friend at the
local McDonalds. I don’t know why but I was holding my double
cheeseburger in my hand while filling up my drink cup when
suddenly this drunk frat boy came up to us and said, “Are
you sure you should be eating that?”
And I looked over at
my friend (we’re both curvy) and she looked like she was
about to cry. So I turned around, looked the guy in the
eye, and shoved the entire double cheese burger into my
He looked so confused and he ended up walking away
with his mouth hanging open while my friend laughed at him.


18. And when the best response is all
about showing, not telling:

I was walking past a bunch of high school guys playing
soccer. The ball rolled off the field towards me so I stopped
it with my foot and was about to kick it back to them when
one of them yelled “skinny legs!So I kicked the
ball away instead.


19. When someone dares step to you
without realizing your wordplay prowess:

I constantly get told that if I didn’t wear glasses I would
look so much better. I always just hit them back the with,
“You’d look so much better if I didn’t wear glasses,


20. When you have a really good point to
make, tbh:

“If anyone wants to say I’m fat, I’d just tell them that
there’s just too much of me for their small minds to handle
and their cold hearts to love.”


21. And when the very thing they’re
shaming you for is, in and of itself, your clapback:

Me: *has short hair*

Random guy: “Why don’t you grow your hair out?”

Me: “Because I like it short.”

Guy: “Well, the average man prefers long hair…”

Me: “I know, omg, that’s my favorite thing about this
haircut!! It weeds out average men!!”




Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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