22 Go-To Snacks Real Healthy People Actually Eat

Including stuff you can make in batches and keep around.

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You don’t have to go through life being hungry between meals.

You don't have to go through life being hungry between meals.

But you also don't have to go through life snacking on a handful of almonds or that sad, mushy banana at the bottom of your bag.

BuzzFeed Health reached out to people who love making and eating delicious, good-for-you food — dietitians, nutritionists, and healthy food bloggers. Here are their go-to recipes for snacks that taste good, fill you up, and will make you swear off your mushy banana forever.


Spiced Popcorn 3 Ways

Spiced Popcorn 3 Ways

“Popcorn is a satisfying and nutritious snack that can be whipped up in a matter of minutes. For this recipe, you can either go with a curry paprika, garlic parm, or spicy oregano spice blend.”

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—Wendy Lopez, MS, RD, and Jessica Jones, MS, RD of Food Heaven Made Easy

Instagram: @foodheavenshow / Via instagram.com

Chocolate Chip Hummus

Chocolate Chip Hummus

“One of my favorite healthy snacks is chocolate chip hummus. This dip tastes like dessert, but is actually a great source of protein and fiber and keeps well in the fridge for easy snacking. During summer months we eat it with peaches, plums, and grapes, but it’s also perfect with apples, pears, and graham crackers come fall!”

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—Amelia Winslow, MS, MPH, nutritionist and founder of Eating Made Easy

Instagram: @eatingmadeeasy / Via instagram.com

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