23 Cheap Pieces Of Athletic Clothing You’ll Want To Wear Out Of The Gym

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Promising review: “FINALLY, cute, comfortable shorts
WITH POCKETS!! I have been looking for these shorts forever.
The shorts are very lightweight and they look good. The
pockets are not huge but they will hold keys, money etc. They
will even fit 2 tennis balls comfortably. I bought 6 pairs!”
—Lisa Vehrenkamp

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2. This

grey tank with a racerback mesh insert.

Promising review: “Nice workout top, fits great.” —Jaz

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3. This
black and grey floral
sports bra with removable pads.

This black and grey floral sports bra with removable pads.

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Promising review: “Very stretchy cotton-like
material with with a double layer across the chest for
added support. Very comfy and cheaper than Target bras!”

Get it from Amazon for $17-$25.

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4. These

leggings that’ll inspire you to (not) push yourself to
the limit.

Promising review: “I’m plus size, but these in XL fit
me so well! I love the stretch & tightness of them.
They’re so perfect!” —Loleta.

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This colorful brushstrokes tank that artists who sweat can wear.

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Promising review: “Absolutely perfect for running
andworking out. Very lightweight and thin, so it helps keep
you cool.” —Runner

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Promising review: “I bought two of these, I loved them
so much! I am very active, so support is important and so is
comfort. They are very breathable too. I’ve ran, lifted
weights, done yoga, and I can’t complain about anything. I
like that they have removable padding, too.” —klest

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Promising review: “I got the yellow one recently in
Japan. I like the fabric and fit. It is perfect for Hawaii
weather. I wear it to the gym, plan on using it for hiking,
just an all around awesome zip hoodie. I want to get another
color and one for my friends.” —Rhonda

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Promising review: “I did not expect such high quality
for the price, but it is really good material. Thick enough;
doesn’t show sweat.” —Barnard Mash

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Promising review: “Perfect fit. Even looks cute enough
to wear out and about.” —Stephanie

Get it from Amazon for $24.

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These loose-fitting shorts that don't ride up.

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Promising review: “I’m a regular runner and these
shorts are the best I’ve bought, ever! I like them more
then my Nike shorts. I recommend these to any runner. They
feel great while running! I’m buying more in every color!”

Get them from Amazon for $23.

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12. This

neon orange bra that offers full support for high-impact

Promising review: “A classic look, but it still has
the unique side, which I love! It fits great and gives great
support where I need it!” —Smalls

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13. This

mini colorblock fannypack that’s waterproof and has
multiple pockets.

Promising review: “I was worried it’d be too bulky,
but it’s really small and doesn’t look bulky at all. It can
fit my Galaxy 6 and a bifold wallet with lots of extra room.
10/10 would recommend.” — jammh18

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14. This

athletic tee with mesh-paneled shoulders.

Promising review: “Absolutely LOVE this crop top. It
is very small and has a minimal amount of fabric so it does
lay just below your bra line. But it is so perfect for
working out or just for a cute outfit.” —Hunteraa

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15. This
brutally honest grey

This brutally honest grey tank.

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Promising review: “I love this shirt. The material
is fantastic. I had intended on using as a beach cover-up,
but now I just wear it with my yoga pants.” — Shannon Sensenbach

Get it from Amazon for $27.

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16. This

crossback sports bra that’s specifically designed for
larger cup sizes.

Promising review: “Absolutely love this bra. I had yet
to find one that doesn’t cause chaffing… this is it! I bought
the large, wore it in my last 100 mile race, had plenty of
support without feeling suffocated, and had no issues with
chaffing.” —ultrarunnerCK

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Promising review: “These are fabulous workout shorts!
I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I ordered them. I
thought they may not be actual compression shorts, but they
are. They compress, breathe, and have great flexibility. I
will buy more!” —MonieLuv

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Promising review: “I have tried this top out now a few
times and have had many compliments. It is lightweight,
moisture-wicking, has built in SPF, and sleeves which I love
for outdoor workouts! I highly recommend this shirt for
outdoor activities.” —creed

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19. These
high-waisted charcoal capris.

Promising review: “These are now my number 1 Yoga
capris! The fabric is just right (not too heavy, not too
light), tummy control is comfy, and this is the one pair of
all I’ve tried that do not “roll” down as you wear them. I’ll
be ordering the heather grey next! They also look great with
tunics!” —Sue

Get it from Amazon for $20.

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20. This

racerback tank that flaunts your shoulders and won’t ride
up when you’re working out.

Promising review: “I bought this during weekend. And
love it. I do boot camp every day and certain shirts stick to
me, but this one was perfect and didn’t rise up while I was
working out.” —Manzana

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21. These

mesh training shorts with inside underwear that’ll give
extra support.

Promising review: “I bought these shorts a few days
ago and just ordered three more pairs. They are light weight,
comfortable, the perfect length, and for some reason – they
are the only pair of work out shorts I have ever owned that
do not ride up my thick thighs. I am desperately in love with
these shorts!” —sdmomma

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22. These

cushiony toe socks that are ideal for running and

These cushiony toe socks that are ideal for running and hiking.

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Promising review: “It definitely feels weird when
you first put them on, but after five minutes, they feel
more comfortable. I ran my 1st half-marathon trail run in
them and had no toes issues. In fact, my toes felt better
than the rest of me!” —PW Waldo

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23. These

loose sweatpants that you’ll want to take a brisk walk in
and then lounge in for the rest of the day (or week).

Promising review: “These are terrific pants. The cut
is excellent and slimming. On casual days, I wear them
(black) to work with a fleece and turtleneck, and nice shoes.
Essentially these are pants that are super comfortable and
fit great. Oh, did I say I have 2 pairs, in black?” –PL

Get them from Uniqlo for

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