24 Secrets Sexual Health Nurses Will Never Tell You

Please stop putting such weird things up your bums, guys.

People often get deeply embarrassed when we tell them what we do.

To the extent that we often say that we're “just a nurse” and leave it at that. Even worse, sometimes people want confidential, gross, explicit, in-depth, or gory details. These people are usually pretty weird tbh.


Our job really isn’t for squeamish people.

Our job really isn't for squeamish people.

We see penises that are swollen, inflamed, split, bleeding, discoloured, covered in lumps, and/or leaking discharge. The same goes for vaginas. And yes, the various smells are often unpleasant, but you get used to it eventually.

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You have to be totally unshockable.

You have to be totally unshockable.

If a man undresses at the clinic and he's wearing lingerie, or even a nappy, you can't bat an eyelid. People will give you blow-by-blow accounts of some pretty non-vanilla sex stuff as well. You've just got to shrug and go with the flow.

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You get pretty desensitized to genitals after a while.

You get pretty desensitized to genitals after a while.

After all there are only so many penises and vaginas you can see before it's just like looking at an elbow or knee or something.


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