26 Things Queer People Actually Want To Hear After Orlando

11. Let us
know that even though you can’t find the words, you’re thinking
of us.

Let us know that even though you can't find the words, you're thinking of us.

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Mollie Shafer-Schweig / BuzzFeed

“My aunt sent me this: ‘I just wanted to let you know that I am
thinking of you. Sending you a virtual hug! Xo,” along with a
video of my two-year-old cousin telling me that she loves me.

The mother of one of my closest friends who is like a second
mother to me sent me this: ‘Sending you love, Lydia, as we all
process the horrific attack in Orlando this week. Love is a
temple, love is the higher law. Take care, sweetie. Xoxo.’

A woman from my church sent me this: ‘Hi Lydia, Can’t find
words…there are no words. Just ‘I’m sorry.’ Sorry this world is
so messed. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry…’

And another woman who I’m Facebook friends with but barely know
sent me this: ‘Hi Lydia. I just want you to know that I am
holding you in my prayers and heart. It grieves me deeply that
there is such pain that my beautiful LGBTQ friends are

My brother who I almost never talk to called as soon as he
heard and so did my sister. I am so grateful that I have people
in my life who made sure to reach out to me in this time.

So many of my other LGBTQ+ friends didn’t have anyone reach out
to them and I am so grateful that my friends and family is here
for me. I love them so much.”

—Lydia Keesmaat-Walsh, Facebook

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