27 Celebrity Sex Dreams You’ll Be Glad You Didn’t Have


“Me + Will Ferrell in his Elf costume + doggy style.
‘Nuff said.”

Posted on August 02, 2017, 18:44 GMT

asked members of the
BuzzFeed Community to share the weirdest sex dreams they’ve
ever had.

And unsurprisingly, a lot of them involved celebrities.
Here are just some of the sex dream cameos celebs have made.


“This dream was so vivid… I was having sex with this guy I
like and we were going at it for a while and then it got quiet
and I heard a faint chuckle and a muffled ‘wooow,’ so I lifted
up the blankets to find none other than Owen Wilson
looking up at me and having a cheeky laugh, lmao. It’s been
hard to take him seriously since.”



“I dreamt that I had sex with Taylor Swift and
afterwards a sex tape leaked. I didn’t remember making a
sex tape, but you know, dream logic. Anyway, then her lawyers
showed up at my door to serve me papers, and one was Tom
, and then they all wound up serving me,
if you catch my drift.”



“UGH, I was having sex with John Krasinski and it was
great…until he kept looking into the ‘camera’ like he was on
The Office. And he didn’t look very satisfied!!”



“OK, so, I was in a weird room with glass walls and an
audience, and an announcer-esque voice said that in order to
win (win what? WHO KNOWS), I had to have sex while touching
everyone at once…and then all four Hollywood Chrises
(Hemsworth, Evans, Pine, and Pratt)
walked into the
‘arena.’ You can guess what happened from there.”



“I had an intense bondage sex dream with Arnold
. I have ZERO attraction to him, but goddamn.
It was amazing. Even made me orgasm in my dream. I have no idea
why it was him. I feel nothing for him nor have I ever.”



“To put it simply, I had a dream that I gave Jack Black
a handjob on an airplane.”



Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was hopelessly in love with
me, but I was too afraid to sex with him because of his very
large…let’s just say muscles.”



“Dreamt that I lost it to Cuba Gooding Jr. Enough.



“I started dating Britney Spears who had retired and had
a cafe with an apartment above the cafe. We had sex on the
clear steps going up to the apartment when the cafe was closed,
and she had speakers playing her music the whole time…I was
really bummed when I woke up and she wasn’t my girlfriend.”



“I dreamt I was going down on Amber Rose and was doing a
terrible job. She was laughing at me in an ‘aww, how cute’ way
and was texting on her phone. Also she was covered in
spaghetti. No sauce, just noodles all over her body.”



“My first sex dream was about dry humping Roseanne Barr
on the couch from the show. That’s how I knew I was a lesbian.”



“When I was a young teen I had a dream that Sandra Oh
was going down on me in my living room. When I went to shower I
discovered I had an impressive, albeit upside-down penis (the
testicles were on top) that wasn’t there before. I was curious
so I jacked off in the shower and my cum tasted like salty

—Naila Warren, Facebook


“I deadass had a sex dream about Barack Obama. We were
just randomly hanging out and I told him I was worried for his
safety because so many people hate him and he shouldn’t be
coming to my house without bodyguards, then I started crying
because Donald Trump was president, and told him that I missed
him as a president, and he pulled me in for a comforting hug,
but yeah, it uh…progressed quickly into more than that.

I have no idea where that came from because I’ve never felt
strongly one way or another about his candidacy…apparently my
subconscious has different opinions.”

—Mikki Olsen, Facebook


“So in my dream, Benedict Cumberbatch comes to my house
and knocks on my bedroom door. I was so excited and said, ‘You
have to come meet my friend, she is your biggest fan!!’ To
which he replies that he only visits one normal person’s house
a year.

Flash forward, we are in my bed. I’m naked and covered in the
bed with blankets and nervous, worried about my boyfriend, and
Benedict is sitting up with blankets over his legs only wearing
a sweater. Then my boyfriend walks in and I’m like, ‘Nothing
has happened!’ and he just casually sits down on the end of the
bed and goes, ‘Oh, I know,’ and is all cool and I’m thinking
WTH?!?! And then Benedict Cumberbatch says he wants to have a
threesome, but goes straight for my boyfriend and I woke up
right before he kissed him. I was so freaked out!”



“I had a threesome with Matt Damon and my crusty old
12th grade math teacher. Oh, and, snails were everywhere. All
over our bodies. The bed. The walls. No one was phased by it in
my dream. It was so gross but I woke up wet. *shrugs*



“Me + Will Ferrell in his Elf costume + doggy
style. ‘Nuff said. (I will never watch that movie the same way



“I’m in a plane being flown by Patrick Swayze over the
snowy Swiss Alps. All of a sudden something goes wrong with the
plane and we are going to crash. Instead of trying to parachute
out and save ourselves, we instead decide to have one last
steamy, death-defying carnal adventure.”



“I had a dream I sucked Jason Segel’s dick in the back
of a limo. He was sitting in the back seat, the partition was
up, and I was on my knees on the floor. Woke up thinking more,
‘What the fuck was that?’ than ‘Ew, I sucked a dick in my



“I dreamt that I was handcuffed to the bed frame in just my bra
and thong when out of nowhere Neil Patrick Harris sneaks
on to the bed all seductively. Ted Mosby (not the actor, actual
Ted) appears also to start recording the whole damn thing. Last
thing I remember is NPH gliding his hands down my sides and
whispering ‘pancakes’ into my ear.”



Alexander Skarsgard was blowing me while I was eating
rice straight from a rice cooker. I was eating RICE and NOTHING
ELSE. Wtf.”



Selena Gomez had a penis…and I was a female? So
confusing, yet so good.”



Harry Styles and I were making out, but he said he
wanted to fool around and use a butt plug. I’ve never actually
seen a butt plug in real life, so in the dream it was a sparkly
purple pacifier that he slowly lowered himself onto and
proceeded to meditate.”



“I had a dream that I was in a pit with Jared Leto and
he turned into a penis monster with eight tentacles and started
chasing me around an arena. The only way I could make it stop
chasing me was to ‘feed’ it. So… I fed it like any person
would feed a giant orange octopus looking penis monster, and I
saved the world. You’re welcome. (Oh and the majority of my
school was watching above the arena.)”



“I had a dream I was making out with Nick Jonas and then
we started having sex and after awhile, he asked me to fuck him
with a strap-on and I wasn’t comfortable with that so I said
no, and he started crying.”



“I had a dream that the guy from 3rd Rock From The Sun
(aka John Lithgow) wanted me to be his sugar baby. In
the dream, he said he hadn’t done much since 3rd Rock
and he wanted companionship, then it turned into a very intense
sex dream which was interrupted part-way through by the alarm.
When I woke up I realized that John Lithgow has done a lot of
stuff since 3rd Rock, including play Winston Churchill
in The Crown, and I somehow felt betrayed even though it
was my dream.”



“I love acting and one time, I had a dream that I auditioned
for Riverdale and got a role so I went out with Cole
to celebrate. One thing led to another and you
. So, I was really excited that had just happened and
so to celebrate, I went to a rock climbing wall and then I saw
Tom Holland and he came over to me and said that I would
be a perfect fit for a role in the new movie, and so I ended up
getting it and then to celebrate we went out and then another
thing led to another and you know. That was literally
the best dream ever because not only did I get two dream roles,
I got to bang two of my celebrity crushes.”



“Once had a dream that I had an orgy with the entire cast of
. And yes, there was singing.”


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