27 Infectiously Cool Gifts For Medical Nerds

Give a gift from all four chambers of your anatomically correct heart.

A dainty EKG necklace.

A dainty EKG necklace.

Available here for $29 in a variety of different chain lengths and metals.

Charlie and Crew / Via etsy.com

A ~punderful~ lunch bag.

A ~punderful~ lunch bag.

Buy it here for $16 on Etsy.

Cognitive Surplus / Via etsy.com

A pack of handmade “chill pill” soaps.

A pack of handmade "chill pill" soaps.

Each soap is made from goat milk and other natural oils. Buy a pack of four soaps here for $7.50 on Etsy.

KC Soaps N More / Via etsy.com

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