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Can you hold up a sec.? I need to wipe up this butt

1. Forgot
which locker you put your stuff in and had to
awkwardly search them all in front of everyone.

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It’s cool, just 237 more lockers to go.

ID: 10154763

Pretended like the machine was broken because
you had no clue how to use it.

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Seriously? Is it so much to ask that we get
working machines in here?

ID: 10147797

Dropped your phone while you were running on
the treadmill, because you may or may not, have
been reading your texts.

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It was an urgent matter, okay, Karen!?

ID: 10154058

4. Went
to the gym for the sole purpose of using the
showers and hot tub.

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Free shampoo and conditioner, get at me.

ID: 10154918

6. And
then had to make a run for it when they caught
you awkwardly staring.

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Well, fuck.

ID: 10154056

7. Got
crafty because your only hair tie broke, like
the weak, good-for-nothing thing that it was.

Got crafty because your only hair tie broke, like the weak, good-for-nothing thing that it was.

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Mackenzie Kruvant / Via BuzzFeed Life

It’s cool this charger is actually great for
messy buns.

ID: 10154902

8. Got a
serious wedgie and had to find a way to
covertly pick it.

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*Duck rolls behind squat rack. Swiftly yanks
underwear out from in between butt cheeks.

ID: 10154920

9. Took
water breaks, not because you were thirsty, but
because you were just done with exercising.

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Well, I’m so sorry I’m parched, Karen!

ID: 10147805

Wanted to drop kick someone for taking the
machine next to you when there were a billion

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Yeah, no, that one. Please, out of all the open
ones, take that one.

ID: 10155619

11. And
then treadmill-raced them to put them in their

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Go up to 7.5. I dare you.

ID: 10154061

Quickly wiped up your butt sweat before anyone
else could see it.

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Obviously I’m working hard. OK?

ID: 10147799

13. Lied
down to do abs and ended up just scrolling
through social media.

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Marnie just got engaged!? Like, WTF? She’s way
too young.

ID: 10147804

14. Let
out an accidental fart while you were doing

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*Quickly squeaks shoes against mat.

ID: 10153933

Caught yourself dancing or singing out loud to
your workout playlist.

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Focus Features

Workout jams, too strong.

ID: 10154101

Missed your entire mouth while taking a swig
out of your water bottle.

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Nice. I needed to cool down anyway.

ID: 10154064

17. Got
all the way to the gym only to realize you
forgot your headphones.

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Welp, no cardio it is.

ID: 10154749

19. Tried
to lift a little too much weight and got super
embarrassed when it came crashing down and
echoed throughout the gym.

Tried to lift a little too much weight and got super embarrassed when it came crashing down and echoed throughout the gym.

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ID: 10154047

20. Took
a mirror selfie mid-exercise.

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Is it so hard to get a little more natural
light in here, or what?

ID: 10154085

Self-consciously smelled your pits every few
minutes because you forgot to wear deodorant.

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*Sets weights down. Sniffs. Picks weights back

ID: 10154191

Grunted obnoxiously while lifting heavy weight.

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20th Century Fox

Sorry I go hard, Karen.

ID: 10154083

Angrily glared and sighed at someone for
hogging the machines or not re-racking the

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No, please. It’s your gym. We’re just working
out in it.

ID: 10154094

Scrambled to pull up your towel after it fell
off in front of everyone in the locker room.

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ID: 10147807

Wanted to punch someone in the face while they
gave you advice on how to “properly” do an

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I heard Karen needs help with her squats. I’d
definitely go help her.

ID: 10154180

Checked out your progress in the mirrors
because… well, duh.

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Daamn, though. Check me out.

ID: 10154076

27. And
last but not least, left right after walking in
because all the things you were going to do
were “taken.”

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ID: 10147802

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