34 Super Personal Before-Bed Fantasies People Actually Have


From adventurous to romantic to straight-up heartbreaking.

Posted on November 14, 2017, 20:44 GMT

We asked members of the
BuzzFeed Community to
describe exactly what they fantasize about as they try to
fall asleep at night.

And honestly, the responses were downright fascinating.
Here’s a peek into just a few human brains:

1. This survivor’s tale:

My go-to fantasy is that I’ve been kidnapped. I
vividly imagine the situation that would lead up to me
getting taken, and what I would do after the kidnapping


2. This plot twist:

I am a powerful mermaid/fairy princess who knows the solution
to every single problem in whatever realm I’m in. And the
realms are usually whatever TV show I watched right before
bed — I’ve been in Pretty Little Liars, The
Vampire Diaries
, The Originals, and many more.

I even make whatever character I find the most attractive my


3. This song-worthy affair:

Mike Coppola

I’ve had this recurring fantasy about Taylor Swift for
years — I came up with it during her “1989” era, then
retired it, and now that “Reputation” is out, it’s back
in full swing. Basically, the fantasy is that we’re
secretly in a lesbian relationship. I start out as an
experiment to her, and we only ever hooked up when she
was drunk, but she slowly develops feelings for me and we
start secretly dating. At first, it’s fun to see the
media try to guess what men her songs are about when
they’re really about me, but eventually, it becomes
tiresome to hide and I ask her to be with me for real.
She says she can’t, because she’s not ready to come out,
and we break up.

Months later, when her new album comes out, we’re
reunited when she plays a show at my college, and
performs a romantic song while looking straight at me,
then invites me on stage to profess her love for me in
front of everyone


4. This rags-to-riches tale:

I imagine that I’m a down-on-my-luck artist who looks for a
Sugar Daddy to get back on my feet. For a while, I only use
him for the money and gifts, but we eventually fall in love
and he leaves his wife (beard) for me.


5. This comforting memory:

I always think back to the times when I was in college, when
I was alone with my girlfriend. Nothing sexual, just her
calming presence next to me. Neither of us having a care in
the world other than being near each other.
We are still
together 10 years later, but life has changed. Everyday
ailments and responsibilities pile up, and it seems like all
we can do is try to survive. I fantasize about what it was
like to live, not survive.


6. This alluring post-mortem:

Magmos / Getty Images

I like to think of me dying. Not in a “bad for my mental
health way,” but in a “I wonder how these people would
react” way. I often think that I would be able to have
written them letters beforehand, and those would be
delivered after my death. Then I would be able to see
how they feel, like how my crush would act, and how they
would feel about me.
And also how my friends would
feel about me too. I don’t know if it’s weird or not, it
just happens.


7. This prize-winning fantasy:

In my alternate world, I’m attending university. One day,
while studying in the library, I have a moment of brilliance
and write an eloquent equation that describes all the physics
of the universe in a concise “theory of everything.” I
present my work to a physics professor, who steals my work (a
la Watson and Crick) much to my chagrin.

However, I take this injustice upon myself and fight the
professor with the backing of my great friends.
Eventually, the truth is spread that an average girl has
discovered this equation, and I win a Nobel Prize.
fantasy ends with me meeting my favorite scientists and I
become a real life Ms. Frizzle!


8. This safe space:

I usually think about my crush finding out about my
depression and self-harm. In my thoughts he’ll hold me and
comfort me, and just be there for me. My last boyfriend found
out and immediately used it as ammo against me, as he was
emotionally abusive. Dreams let me think about someone
actually loving me for my flaws and making me feel worth


9. This heroic duo:

I imagine little situations with me and my fictional crush,
Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6. Nothing sexual, just
the little things that make me happy, like ice skating
together or saving the world together.


10. This unusual home:

Karandaev / Getty Images

I always had trouble falling asleep as a child due to
overthinking and an active imagination. This carried on
into my young adulthood, until I began imagining at
bedtime that I lived inside a loaf of bread. I was
very small and lived inside of it. Just me; no additional
I can’t explain why, but it always calmed me
down to the point where I could fall asleep, and it still
does today!


11. This kickass role-model:

I like to fantasize that I’m the youngest ever delegate of
the United Nations, and then a few years into my future I
become the youngest-ever UN president, while also being the
world’s number one female freestyle footballer. I always
imagine speaking out about human rights like gender equality,
for example, and taking down anybody who opposes.
one day I’m on a talk show like Ellen or Jimmy Kimmel, for
example, and I’m just known as like that really cool
role-model for everyone, sort of like Zendaya!


12. This primetime hit:

I always create TV shows for me and my friends to star in. I
get really into creating intricate plot lines and complex
characters, and I sometimes even think of several seasons’
worth of episodes for my fictional shows.


13. This unexpected meet-cute:

I’m at school. It looks the same as it does in real life. I
stumble around and bump into a crush of mine. He’s on top of
me and we pull apart. I turn away to run back to wherever the
hell I was before and he stops me. He pulls me into him and
we kiss. I pull away after a minute and I say, “DID YOU
And he just stands there puzzled and confused. I
tweet about it and it goes viral. The end.


14. This very important audition:

John Phillips / Getty Images

For several years now, I have been imagining that I am at
an audition for some movie. I’m waiting outside the room
— either in some outdoor veranda or garden — and I’m next
in line. I’m also the only one there at the moment, so
I’m running my lines. Then, out of nowhere, Tom
Hiddleston walks over and starts conversation, usually
picking up the next line that I’ve been saying. We start
to chat and things get a little chemistry-filled. But
we’re interrupted by the assistant saying that I can go
to my audition. Tom asks if he can run in early and just
say hi to the director because they’re friends. I say
yes, and then a few minutes later, I go into the audition

Turns out, whoever I’m supposed to be reading with never
shows up, so the director asks Tom to stand in for him.
So I have my audition opposite him (which may or may
not involve a kiss) and the director loves it so much
that he ends up casting both of us in the lead roles.

If I’m having a particularly restless night, I’ll go on
to imagine the movie set and the growing chemistry, but
I’m usually asleep around the time I get the part.


15. This mischievous adventure:

I like to think about the Bifrost portal opening up and my
favorite Marvel Comics Universe character, Loki, coming out
of it and taking me on an adventure in Asgard/space. We go
around different realms, messing with various people along
the way (Loki is the trickster god, so it’s appropriate).
We stop by Earth sometimes and FUCK SHIT UPPPP for a
certain orange man.
I like to think it plays out like the
nonexistent Loki solo movie would. Somewhere within the
journey, I learn magic, knife fighting, and become Loki’s
closest friend — and sometimes his girlfriend? It varies.


16. This vengeful tale:

I had a heinous boss. For six months, every single day, she
used humiliation as a way to control me. One day I just up
and quit. I fantasize before I fall asleep about her
company coming to work for mine, then I drag her ass off-site
and kick her teeth in.


17. This domestic fantasy:

My reoccurring fantasy that I have before I go to sleep is
basically an imaginary future of my own life. My (fake)
husband and I work together as teachers. It includes a
completely made-up backstory for him where we just happened
to stumble into each other and fall in love. There are
even multiple characters involved!
Sometimes it’s very
simple, and sometimes it gets a little graphic, if you know
what I mean.


18. This romantic moment:

Yacobchuk / Getty Images

Every night, I fall asleep imagining being proposed to.
The person is different most times, sometimes totally
made up people, sometimes celebrities or fictional
, but the big part is the soothing feeling
I get imagining what it would be like to have someone
love me enough to marry me. So far in my life, that
hasn’t happened, not even close.


19. This origin story:

I’m adopted, so a lot of my fantasies involve meeting my
birth parents. I love my adoptive parents, but it’s fun to
imagine. Sometimes, I find out my parents are billionaires
who will give me a lot of money when I turn 18. Other times,
I find out they’re celebrities who can bring me to parties
and introduce me to all of my favorite movie stars and
musicians. Sometimes, though, they’re just normal people
who had a great reason to give me up and are proud of who
I’ve become, and then BAM, I have a whole second family.


20. This bodyswap:

Most of my fantasies involve waking up in the body of another
person — usually a celebrity or fictional character. That
way, I don’t get hung up on insecurities or my anxious brain
being like, “Well that would never happen to YOU.” Right
now, I imagine I wake up as Archie from Riverdale
and let’s just say I’ve gotten myself into a lot of love
triangles during my tenure as that dude.


21. This scandal:

I am at a concert and before it starts, I go outside to smoke
a cigarette. The lead singer is out there as well, trying to
be inconspicuous. We start chatting. I obviously play it cool
enough to get a backstage pass, and we have sex after the
concert and I get pregnant.
I’m kept hidden from the
media until I’m spotted leaving the gyno, and the secret’s
out! We aren’t in love or anything, but we both want to do
the right thing. I end up losing the baby and he is very
supportive during the rough time. Our relationship blossoms
and I marry rich! Yassssssss!


22. This life-changing scenario:

Siphotography / Getty Images

Literally I think about winning that darn Powerball
Jackpot almost every night; how that money would
completely change the way I live. I could finally pull
myself out of crippling credit card debts, afford my
epileptic dog’s $150/month medication for the rest of his
life, take my family around the world in a comfortable
but not overly grand excursion, see my favorite stage
actor perform across the pond. I could get the
off-road vehicle of my dreams and climb every mountain in
the country and never have to deal with the mediocre crap
life I’m currently stuck in.


23. This heartbreaking encounter:

My mother passed away almost five years ago. I have this
fantasy that time travel is accessible in the future.
However, there are some ground rules with time travel. You
are not allowed to change any major event, let anyone know
you are from the future, or take any items from the past. I
am 35, and have a five year old daughter. I have spent years
saving up money to allow both me and my daughter to travel
back to the year 2000. We finally get clearance.

We land in a McDonald’s parking lot. I open the door for my
daughter and she jumps out, examining this new land she has
been transported to. We enter the McDonald’s Play Place. I
see a beautiful petite woman sitting in the middle of the
room talking on her cell phone in Spanish. My daughter runs
to the jungle gym. I decide to sit close enough to my mother
to casually strike up a conversation.

“How old is your daughter?” I ask her. She looks at me with
something I have never seen from her before, unfamiliarity.

She says, “Five years old, she is my youngest.”

The girls are playing in the ball-pit together. I smile as I
watch my daughter play with myself when I was her age.

My daughter has to meet her, I think to myself. This is why I
am here.

“Giselle!” I call out.

My mother stares at me in disbelief. My daughter climbs out
of the ball-pit followed by my younger self.

“You’re not going to believe this, but my name is Giselle.”

“Really!” I try my best to act surprised. My daughter comes
running into my arms. “Guess what, Giselle. You guys have the
same name.”

Then I watch as my daughter finally meets her


24. This artsy utopia:

I have this whole entire fantasy world no one knows about
except me. Everyone is friendly and kind, as everyone in the
world has some type of artistic ability whether that be
dancing, singing, acting, painting, or whatever. We don’t use
much technology — more of a pencil and pen kind of thing.
During special events, when the clock strikes midnight,
everyone gathers and lets lanterns float into the air. Oh, we
also have magical powers too; pretty cool. Beautiful, unique,
and special. One day when I’m older, I want to write a
novel about this fantasy dream I have, or maybe put it into a


25. This magical transfer student

Warner Bros.

When I was younger I used to have a crush on Harry
Potter, so I created a character, Jupiter. She was a
transfer student from an American wizarding school, who
started going to Hogwarts around her third year. Harry
developed a crush on her only to find out later on that
she’s the half sister of Draco Malfoy


26. This therapeutic daydream:

I fall asleep almost every night imagining that I’m going
to sleep on my therapist’s couch.
Sometimes, in the
fantasy, he’s just in the room working quietly on his laptop
while I fall asleep in his presence. Other times I imagine
him smoothing my hair until I drift off. It makes me feel
deeply cozy and safe.


27. This updated fantasy:

I used to fantasize about my version of the American dream,
capitalistic success, notoriety, vapid romance. Yawn. Now
that this lifelong delusion has been shattered, my
favorite bedtime fantasy storyline takes place in a
post-apocalyptic society, where myself and my polyamorous
marriage of superheroes team up to bring love and
consciousness to a healing ether.
My dreams are goddamn
delightful now!


28. This full on rom-com:

I create my own romantic comedy filled with overplayed
clichés, but it’s incredibly dramatic and fun because I’m the
main character. I run into “The One Who Got Away” in NYC. I
am an up-and-coming film director and he is an up-and-coming
chef. To make things complicated, I am dating a great guy. We
have a great history of friendship and we never dated, so I
invite “The One Who Got Away” to my super ritzy dinner party
that I am hosting.

At the dinner party, we share great laughs and rekindle that
amazing friendship I was too afraid of breaking in the past.
He stares into my eyes and leans into me saying, “I’ve always
wanted to tell you something,” when I hear a familiar voice:
my boyfriend. Because of my current boyfriend situation, “The
One Who Got Away” and I enter into a When Harry Met

It always ends with him declaring his love for me in a
Pride and Prejudice fashion, ending in heartbreak
rather than kisses. I can never come up with a logical
reason we can’t be together. Still, it never ends with us
getting married, happily ever after, etc. I have commitment


29. This dystopian dream:

Mediaphotos / Getty Images

If I can’t fall asleep, I imagine I am at a futuristic
spa that performs any procedure imaginable. I go
head-to-toe and imagine fixing my every flaw.
Manicures, laser-hair treatments, magical
augmentations, down to the last perfect detail.
soothing in an odd way, and by the time I have created my
ideal self I have fallen asleep.


30. This distracting quest for a

OK so… It’s a typical American City, late evening. I am
eight to nine months pregnant, and I need the loo. My best
friend (on some nights my best-friend-I-used-to-date) lives
in the city, so I turn up at his place. My best friend is
Marvel’s Bucky Barnes, except he has no metal arm, it’s not
1942, and he isn’t a super soldier, so he’s basically just
Sebastian Stan with Bucky Barnes name and personality. He
lets me in to use the bathroom, despite the fact that he
currently has a date over. That date? You guessed it! Steve
Rogers. I apologize to Steve Rogers, who is very “AW SHUCKS,
WOW, YOU’RE PREGNANT? I LOVE BABIES!” (So, again: Chris Evans
with Steve Rogers name.)

He invites me to join them for a drink. I do so. Then we
proceed to have a nice chat. Some nights my wife, Kristen
Stewart, comes over, and she and Bucky Barnes smoke
cigarettes on the balcony while Steve Rogers and I drink tea
in the kitchen and talk about how great Bucky Barnes is.
Over the years I have honed this to perfection, and at
this point I drop off to sleep before they can even pour me a


31. These little conversations:

After a long-time friend took his life this year, a lot of
my before-sleep fantasies changed from steamy ones to ones
that revolve around talking to him one last time,
or how
he would have reacted to seeing me again after not talking
for a couple years, but mostly just talking to him about my
day and imagining him laying there listening and giving witty


32. This simple desire:

Annapustynnikova / Getty Images

Every single night, I fantasize about getting undressed
as soon as I get home from work or school, getting in
bed, taking a luxurious nap for a couple hours, and
waking up to my imaginary husband bringing me my favorite
homemade seasonal soup, which he cooked for me when I was
sleeping. We eat the soup together. That’s the whole
fantasy. There’s no sex or anything, just soup.


33. This roommate’s revenge:

I fantasize about telling my roommate that I’m not re-signing
our lease next year, and then, when she acts like this is
super out of nowhere, explaining in great detail why I
would rather rip my own eyeballs out than live with her and
her complete disrespect of our space for ONE MORE MINUTE.

It always puts me right to sleep, but damn, I wish I could
afford to actually carry out this fantasy. It’s been six
months and it’s not looking like I can move out anytime soon.


34. And finally, this foolproof

I imagine I’m already sleeping. Boring, but gets me to sleep
every time.


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