37 Pictures That Prove All Boobs Are Good Boobs

In case you’ve ever wondered if your breasts are “normal.”

Here are just some of the submissions we got.

“Small and pierced. I think that they are awesome now that I’m older, but I used to hate being small-chested.”


Submitted by tbr

“I’ve been a bigger girl most of my life. I started seeing the effects of puberty very young and needed a bra by second/third grade. I have lots of stretch marks on my hips and breasts. They’re wide set, point sort of downward and one is a good deal larger. For a long time, and even now sometimes, I’ve struggled to accept them. They’ve been the hardest part of my body to learn to love but most days, I’m there. I hope this will help anyone who looks like me to realize they’re not alone.”


Submitted by JM1031

“I have a lot of stretch marks, and skin discolouration, and yet? My breasts are beautiful.”


Submitted by actuallyanegg

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