7 Self Care Tips To Try This Week

Start the week off right.

Sian Butcher / BuzzFeed

If you have 3 minutes: Write down one good thing that happened today.

This suggestion comes via Little Fox on Twitter: “Write down the best thing that happened to you today, do this each day & save them in a jar to read when you're having a bad day.”

They don't have to be big things to make you smile – just like it's not the big things that make you have a bad day.


If you have 5 minutes: Buy something that makes your life easier.

Sometimes solving a small problem brightens up your whole week.

“I bought a Tangle Teezer recently and it's the best hairbrush in the world. It brushes through knots after showering or swimming with no difficulty at all and it's really small so it fits in your handbag. Also it feels nice on your head. Honestly it has changed my life.” – Tabatha Leggett


If you have 10 minutes: Be inspired by this bad-ass bride.

Donna Martin (that's her in the neon veil) wrote a brilliant piece for Elle about realising that her dream wedding dress was sexy as hell:

“I'm a fully formed, complex, 31-year-old woman! I don't think or aspire to be “pure”—indeed, I don't know any woman who does. What I wanted was to look sexy—sexier than I'd ever looked before. I wanted my wedding dress to convey that this marriage would be, among many other things, carnal. I wanted it to scream, I'm alive! I love life and this man! And It's party time. And for it to make Jesse, watching me peacock down that aisle, think, Man, I get to marry her? Forever looks like fun.”


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