7 Small Changes To Try Out This Week

6. If you
have 30 minutes: Find what feels luxurious to you.

If you have 30 minutes: Find what feels luxurious to you.

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I’m always wary of the monetisation of self-care (“treat
yourself with this fancy cream! you’re worth it!”) but at the
same time I put value in believing that you are worthy of doing
nice things for yourself. This
fantastic piece by Jenna Worthman
articulates this better than I could:

“Recently, my friend Coco told me they had been exclusively
indulging in luxurious acts as a form of self-care. When I
asked them to elaborate on what that meant, they described the
process of walking to a market, picking out a beautiful winter
squash, buying it, then spending several hours preparing it for
a meal. The squash cost a few dollars, maybe less, but the
luxury came in the deliberation, the pointedness with which
Coco decided to fix themselves something to eat.

“A few days earlier, I had debated spending $200 on a marabou
feather robe to swaddle myself in luxury as a way to feel loved
and cared for, but, after talking to Coco, I decided to hold
off on the purchase. The next day, I walked to a grocery store
and bought one piece of every citrus that looked to be in
season. I walked home with a perfect Meyer lemon, a tangelo, a
cara cara orange, and a grapefruit. Over the next few days, I
slowly peeled a piece of pretty fruit and ate it, or I sliced
it and added it to a glass of water, which I drank while
getting dressed in the morning. The savoring became a comfort
and felt extravagant in a way I hadn’t anticipated.”

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