8 Creative Hobbies To Take Up In 2017

8. General
Handwriting Practice

General Handwriting Practice

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Perhaps you are one of the many people who feels like your
handwriting sucks. Great news: You can change that! Practicing
your handwriting requires far less investment than calligraphy,
is rather practical (even in this age of communicating
primarily via emojis and GIFs), and goes nicely with journaling
and embroidery pursuits.

Good for: People who like the idea of brush lettering
and calligraphy but want something a little easier, people
looking for a simple and straightforward hobby, people who are
getting married soon (think of all the thank you notes!), and
anyone who regularly finds themselves apologizing for their
handwriting — like, just do something about it already,

Cost: $0–$11…unless you don’t own or have access to a
printer, in which case, like…$150?

Where to start: This post from Kara
at Boho Berry and
this post from Kim at Tiny Ray of Sunshine (both of which
give you access to free practice worksheets). Also
this article. And if you really want to do the damn thing,
you could get
this book/workbook ($10.84) on Spencerian penmanship. The
book is written in a Q&A format that takes some getting
used to, and the level of detail it goes into is low-key
bananas, BUT it’s a classic for a reason, and all the
worksheets are included! Also, despite the fact the book has
zero chill, the lettering itself is remarkably straightforward
and clean.

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