9 Cardio Moves For People Who Hate Running

Because why run when you can not?

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So, you want to do a cardio workout but you don’t want to go running.

So, you want to do a cardio workout but you don't want to go running.

Or biking. Or rowing. Or elliptical-ing.

Fair enough.

We asked Lauren Williams, fitness instructor and head coach at Tone House, how to get in a cardio workout without resorting to running, or even going to the gym. She came up with nine great bodyweight moves to mix-and-match for a running-free routine.

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1. Choose 4-5 exercises from the list.
2. Do the first exercise for 45 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds, then move to the next one.
3. Once you've gotten through 4-5 exercises, that's one round. Complete the circuit for 3-5 rounds total, resting a minute between rounds.

Here's one example to get you started:

Do 3-5 rounds of this circuit:
A. Squat jumps: 45 sec.
Rest: 15 sec.
B. Modified burpees: 45 sec.
Rest: 15 sec.
C. Mountain climber crossovers: 45 sec.
Rest: 15 sec.
D. Alternating toe touches: 45 sec.
Rest: 15 sec.

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