9 Products Your Vagina Will Love


Treat your vagina right, it deserves it.

Posted on April 03, 2017, 15:12 GMT

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Here are their recommendations.

2. Always Infinity sanitary towels,


“When I have my period, I only wear Always Infinity. They
are made out of what seems like memory foam, so they
conform to the shape of your body really well, and you
can’t feel them until they fill up, which claims to be
10x their weight. Unless your have an especially heavy
flow, the same pad works all day, without making you feel
like you are wearing a small diaper” — m31i

Get it at
Boots, £3.15.

3. Tend Skin Ingrown Hair Solution,

“This stuff is the shit! I used to get horrible razor burn
every time I shaved, not cute! I tried fucking everything
to make it stop or go away and nothing worked till I found
this stuff! Fucking miracle worker! Burns a little but it
clears up any ingrown hairs or razor burn right away! I
can’t recommend it enough!” — jackieh48a648bdf

Get it on
Amazon, £9.92.

5. Thinx Underwear, £27.23

“They are seriously the best thing I’ve purchased in a
while. I had a baby 8 months ago and while my Diva cup
catches almost everything, almost is not good enough at
work. With this underwear I don’t have to worry about
leaks, and toward the end of my period I don’t need
anything else at all. I still feel totally dry and
comfortable all day. I don’t know how they did it, but they
work!” — Sally47263

Get them on
Thinx, £27.23.

6. Playtex super sport tampons,

“I have ridiculously heavy periods and regular tampons are
uncomfortable to wear, but I’ve found that Playtex Sport
Super tampons (and let’s be real the most active thing I do
during my period is sob as I rewatch every Tom Hanks/Meg
Ryan movie), are super comfortable to wear and actually
absorb all the blood trying to escape my body. They’re a
little wider than regular tampons but not as tall, which I
think makes all the difference.” — kaleep43bdb1b45

Get them on
Amazon, £7.27.

7. The Lily Cup, £33.93.

“My LilyCup is the best thing I’ve purchased for my vagina.
I’ve never felt so clean during a period, and I don’t feel
it in there either. Just empty it every few hours depending
on your flow. I don’t even need a pantyliner because it
keeps everything in. And I got the LilyCup because it can
be compacted into a tiny carrier and taken around. They
also have different sizes for different flows, and
different cups based on if you’ve given birth vaginally or
via c-section. It can be messy, but way worth it.” —

Get it on
Inimina, £33.93.

8. We Vibe, £79.99.


“My husband and I bought the We Vibe when it first came
out on the market during our honeymoon. Best investment
of our marriage. Sadly it broke within a few weeks due to
poor design with the charging feature. We went ahead and
splurged again on the new and improved We Vibe about
three years ago. I can’t sing enough praises about this
product. I can use it by myself or combined with another
toy but most importantly we can use it together and we
both love it. It’s one of those things we don’t forget to
pack when going on vacation, ranks right up there with
toothbrush. I know these are pretty expensive but if you
time it right you can get one on ebay for a lot less.”

Get it on Love Honey, £79.99.

9. Natracare Organic curved panty liners,


“Usually two weeks after my period, acne tends to form
around the vulva or it gets itchy and irritated from
disposable liners. But since switching to organic cotton
liners, I’ve had no acne forming/pains or discomfort, and
it absorbs the discharge well. Might need to do some
searching online to get ones right for your comfort but
overall they saved me so much money and trouble.” —

Get them on
Amazon, £1.79.

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