9 Ways To Beat The Sunday Scaries

5. Commit to
having actual, stimulating fun during the week.

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When the only time you really do stuff you’re looking forward
to is on the weekends, it makes a lot of sense that you’d dread
the weekdays. “People anticipate the drudgery of their week,”
says Howes, especially when they know that Monday kicks off
another five days of work/homework, waking up early, bummer
commutes, etc., and that’s about it.

“If you have ability to try to make your work week pleasant and
nice, then do it,” says Howes. Sure, save the biggest stuff for
the weekends — day trips, long hikes, stuff that that — but
resist the urge to make the weekdays all about going to work
and school and then coming home to your pajamas and Netflix.
Consider taking just one or two nights per week to do something

Check out galleries or museums or the movies, see concerts and
sports, join a pub trivia team, take an art class, catch up
with friends at a new restaurant, explore a new neighborhood,
etc., etc.

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