A 20-Year-Old Arizona Woman Died From The Flu One Day After Getting Diagnosed


“It all happened so fast — she went from feeling a little sick
on Sunday to being gone by Tuesday afternoon.”

Posted on December 04, 2017, 22:56 GMT

Murrieta began feeling
sick last Sunday, and was sent home from her job at a warehouse
to get some rest.

“I saw her on Thanksgiving and she was fine and perfectly
healthy,” Gonzales told BuzzFeed News. After Thanksgiving,
Gonzales said the whole family got sick, including her daughter
who works at a warehouse with Murrieta. And everyone eventually
recovered, she said, except Murrieta.

“My daughter called and said that Joie was sent home early on
Sunday after working a few hours at the warehouse because she
was really sick, and that she went home to rest,” Gonzales

On Monday, her sister took
her to an urgent care clinic, where they diagnosed Murrieta
with the flu and sent her home with medicine.

“They got there in the morning and waited for a while, then
they told her she had the flu and gave her a prescription for
the medicine Tamiflu,” Gonzales said. Tamiflu is an antiviral
medication used to treat and prevent infection with influenza A
and B viruses. It is most effective when taken within 48 hours
of contracting the flu.

“She picked up the Tamiflu, took it as prescribed, and came
home to rest — I asked her if they did an X-ray at urgent
care and she said no,” Gonzales said. However, Murrieta was
coughing repeatedly when she got home. “She slept but her
family said she coughed throughout the entire night,” Gonzales

That same afternoon,
Murrieta was transferred to the ICU, where she died of
pneumonia caused by the flu.

After starting intravenous antibiotics, Gonzales says her
niece’s health begin to decline — and they moved her to
the intensive care unit (ICU) around noon. “She had lost
consciousness and they were trying to put her on a ventilator
and remove the fluid from her lungs, but it wasn’t working,”
Gonzales says.

While being transported to the ICU, Murrieta’s heart stopped.
“Doctors were able to resuscitate her, but as soon as we came
into the ICU to see her, her heart stopped again and the
doctors tried again to resuscitate but it wasn’t working
— several minutes passed and they told us there was
nothing they could do,” Gonzales says. Murrieta arrived at the
hospital around 7 am and was declared dead at 3:25 pm on
Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2017.

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