A Man In Australia May Have All Of His Limbs Amputated After He Was Bitten By A Spider

White-tailed spider bites can result in a necrotic reaction
similar to gangrene.

Posted on April 05, 2017, 01:46 GMT

A 65-year-old man visiting Victoria, Australia, from the
Philippines has had his right leg amputated and may lose his
left leg and arms as well after a white-tailed spider bit him
in late February.

Terry Pareja, a father of two, was in his sister’s garden in
Birchip, northwest Victoria, when he was bitten by the spider. White-tailed
spider bites generally cause nausea and burning pain followed
by swelling.

In rare cases the bite causes a reaction similar to gangrene.
The Museum of Victoria says there have been 12 cases in the last
10 years that resulted in a “necrotic reaction resulting in
severe skin damage,” however the cases couldn’t be directly
linked to the white tailed spider after the people who had
been affected struggled to identify what bit them.

Pareja was bitten on a Friday, however there were no doctors
available in the small town of Birchip. By Monday, when he
did seek medical help, the flesh eating bacteria from the
bite had taken hold.

According to a GoFundMe set up by Pareja’s daughter,
Jeffmarey, he is now in ICU after both of his kidneys stopped
functioning: “Doctors also discovered that the necrotising
fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria) is still there and
suggested that they would also amputate the other leg and
both arms.”

Jeffmarey Pareja is asking for donations to cover the cost of hospital bills
and medication.

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