An Illustrator Turned Her Acne Into Body Art And It’s Amazing


“I can’t control my pimples, but I can change the way I look at

Posted on April 05, 2017, 19:08 GMT

Acne affects over 50
million people annually, making it the most common skin condition amongst
Americans. But while most people feel the need to cover up
their pimples, French illustrator Izumi Tutti chooses to embrace hers by
turning them into constellations.
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“Ever since I was a
child I always had many insecurities. Every time I read a
magazine or watched a movie, I always saw the same kind of
look being represented,” Tutti told BuzzFeed.

“I felt like we were being taught that only looking a
certain kind of way would make you happy.”

Tutti said struggled
with acne since she was a teenager and tried everything to
get rid of it. But now, instead of concealing it, the French
illustrator uses it like a game of connect-the-dots.

“I started to draw constellations on my face after
reading an article about the beauty of freckles. I had
often heard that freckles were considered an imperfection
and not something pretty, so I wondered if I could see
beauty in my pimples and scars, too.” she said. “I looked
at my skin in the mirror and saw that my pimples looked
like the Big Dipper constellation, so I
thought it would be fun to connect the dots. I found the
result very beautiful and I decided to do it again and

But her constellations
are more than just pretty drawings. They also make her feel
like for the first time in her life, she can control what her
acne looks like.

“Drawing has always been a way of expressing myself, and
creating constellations with my pimples makes me feel
like have control over what my skin looks like.”

Reading body positivity
blogs also helped Izumi realize there isn’t just one way to
be beautiful, and it inspired her to create work that
reflects that.

“After seeing many body positive blogs, I have come to
understand that being beautiful is not the greatest thing
someone can achieve, and that the idea of beauty changes
all time. It’s a social construction, and beauty doesn’t
have just one face. I think we really need to represent
and celebrate the body in all its forms.”

As far as flaws go,
Izumi thinks people should think of them as charming instead
of negative.

“I want people to remember that many things considered
flaws can become that little extra thing that adds to a
person’s charm.”

Keep finding beauty
everywhere, kween!

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