Answer 10 Questions And We’ll Tell You Whether You’re A Social Introvert

1. Social
introversion is one of four kinds of introversion.

Social introversion is one of four kinds of introversion.

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Personality researchers have come up with a
new model of introversion in the last few years. It
describes four different types of introvert – social,
thinking, anxious, and restrained introverts – and was
created by Jonathan Cheek, a personality psychologist at
Wellesley College, and his colleagues.

The idea isn’t that people fit neatly into one of the four
boxes – you can be a mix of two or more types, if that’s how
you feel – it’s just a new way to talk about introversion.

Social introverts might enjoy themselves at social events,
but they feel a strong need to recharge afterwards, and do
genuinely like to spend time alone. “The idea that introverts
need to alternate sociality and their recharging time, that’s
very important in social introversion,”
Cheek told BuzzFeed previously.

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2. So how
much of a social introvert are you really? Rate how much you
agree with these 10 statements and we’ll tell you…

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