Are hair transplants only for celebrities?

If you compare the fantastic hair transplant results achieved by celebrities with the unnatural outcomes that you can see on non-famous people, you might well find yourself wondering why some hair transplants are better than others.

Many of you will have seen how Wayne Rooney went from a goofy bald footballer to, well, a still goofy but not so bald guy, with a good head of hair, Rob Brydon, Robbie Williams, Jeremy Piven, the list of stars who have excellent looking hair transplants goes on and on. How come these stars all seem to have a fantastic hair after their hair transplants, when other people we have seen or might know had a lot less impressive result.  Could it be that you really need to spend £30.000 for a good hair transplant?

Celebrity Hair Transplant Examples

Celebrity Hair Transplant Examples


We asked top Harley Street hair transplant expert Phillip Bell, what is the secret? Do you need to break the bank for a quality hair transplant?  He told us “The simple answer is no, you do not need to be a millionaire to get a good hair transplant. However, an attractive price should not be the deciding factor when choosing a clinic. Instead, select a good quality clinic that has a reputation for producing outstanding results.”

Phillip explained “In our practice, we see a lot of people with horrible results from cheaper local clinics and recently from international locations. Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. Having a bad hair transplants that look pluggy and unnatural are not only a waste of your time and money, but these clinics have often destroyed the client’s donor area making the damage hard to repair. The cheapest hair transplants often become the most expensive in the end as extensive corrective procedures are needed.”

Wagner Had Hair Loss

Wagner from X Factor Fame suffered from a lot of hair loss, but had something done about it. (See Below)

So, why do some hairs transplants fail?

Hair transplants shouldn’t fail – it’s as simple as that. If you are correctly evaluated and you have the correct surgical plan with an experienced clinic, it is highly unlikely that your hair transplants will have a bad result. Its important to have a realistic expectation of what can be achieved though, and your consultant should discuss this with you. Your aftercare is also essential and you should get detailed post op instructions on how to care for the newly transplanted hair during the healing period. Follow these to the letter and make sure you can visit the clinic in case you have any questions, doubt or complications.


But, just how much is a good hair transplant in the UK?

A hair transplant in the UK will cost around £4.000 – £5.000 per day of treatment. This will depend on the technique used, FUE or FUT being the two main techniques. The number of sessions needed to cover the bald area will vary according the patient’s specific condition.  Finance is available for UK residents and many patients prefer to pay in monthly instalments making the best hair transplants affordable on almost any budget.

How do I know that a clinic is fully registered and safe?

All UK hair transplant clinics must be CQC registered as an assurance of safety. Clinics which are not registered are operating illegally. Never have a hair transplant in a clinic that rents surgical premises from other clinics and hires freelancers to operate. These clinics have no real accountability and these practices are not legal in the UK. If you have a problem you will be left on your own.

Phillip Bell is a renowned hair loss expert at the Vinci Hair Clinic: the largest hair transplant and hair restoration clinic in the world, with various UK locations. Book your free personal consultation now and find out if a hair transplant is the right option for you follow the link to Vinci Hair Clinic.