Black Hollywood On How They’re Getting Through The Next Four Years

9. Jason
George, Grey’s Anatomy

Jason George, Grey's Anatomy

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“I plan on spending the next four years fighting for the things
I’ve always believed in — diversity, equality, inclusion,
social justice, and commonsense gun laws. Trump and his
administration are an afterthought, an obstacle we’ll have to
go through, over, or around to achieve these goals which will
improve the lives of our citizens and bring America closer to
fulfilling its promise and full potential. I will continue to
donate my time, my money, and my vote to organizations,
political parties, individuals, and candidates that pursue
these goals as well. Also, I will continue to support the free
press that is so essential to our democracy by continuing my
subscriptions to several major newspapers and magazines that
help ensure the transparency that every American should demand.

“I will continue to fly my flag in front of my house because I
love my country and believe in the saying ‘America, love it or
leave it.’ I love it, so I won’t leave. In fact, I love it so
much I won’t leave it alone. Like a family member, I won’t let
it continue to make mistakes that may eventually kill it or
ruin its incredible potential. Racism, xenophobia, misogyny,
homophobia are all diseases, like addiction. Protests and
activism are the intervention you perform for your loved one.”

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