Do You Know What It Was Like To Maintain A Healthy Diet 100 Years Ago

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Pass the clabbered milk!

1. Maybe
you know a thing or two about nutrition

Like that according to experts, sugary drinks
and processed foods probably aren’t amazing for

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2. But
how much do you know about what nutrition
experts advised ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO?

But how much do you know about what nutrition experts advised ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO?

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BuzzFeed Health looked at two publications,

Diet and Health With Key to the
by Dr. Lulu Hunt Peters,
published in 1918, and
Encyclopedia of Diet: A Treatise on the Food
, by Eugene Christian,
published in 1914 by the Christian Dietetic
Society, to see what they had to say about
eating for health and weight loss.

So, keep in mind, the following quiz questions
are based on the information provided by Hunt
Peters and Christian and are relevant to eating
healthfully in 1918. It’s ~probably~ not
actually fantastic health advice for anyone

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1. What is the equation adults should use
to determine their ideal weight (in

Add 100 to your age;
subtract 30

Multiply number of inches over 5 ft. in
height by 5½; add 110

Multiply your age by 3½; add 5 for every
inch in height over 5 ft.

For every year of your life over 18 add
2; then add 100

Divide your height in inches by 2;
multiply by 3

2. To avoid droopy fat in your neck, you

Minimize your intake of fatty foods after
age 30

Eat the bulk of your calories before 2

Massage your neck

Do 30 jumping jacks
before 12 noon daily

3. Which of the following does the author
of Diet and Health call out as
common weight loss strategies that
*won’t* actually help you lose weight?

Avoiding bread, only sleeping on soft
surfaces, drinking only cold

Violent exercise, prolonged Turkish
baths, epsom salt baths

Eating in the evening, consuming animal
flesh, indulging in sweetened

Massage of the belly or abdomen, consume
excess salt, bathing in too-hot

4. How many calories per day should a
laundress (or any other profession which
requires a woman to lift heavy objects)






5. How much water does the average person
need to drink?

8 glasses

Three gallons per week but no more than
24 oz. in a day

3 to 5 pints

The amount in ounces of your weight
divided by two

6. What’s the ideal breakdown of a
balanced diet?

10-15% protein, 25-30%
fat, 60-65% carbs

20-25% protein, 10-15%
fat, 60-65% carbs

30-35% protein, 30-35%
fat, 30-35% carbs

60-65% protein, 25-30%
fat, 10-15% carbs

7. Which of the following is a
recommended breakfast for anyone
“afflicted with obesity?”

Those afflicted with obesity should
abstain from eating until

One cup of clabbered milk, 1/2 cup of
wheat germ cooked thoroughly, 1/4 pound
of red grapes

Fruit (any), a cup of hot water, 2-3
exceedingly ripe bananas, eaten with
raisins, nuts, and cream

One cantaloupe, soaked peaches, baked
chestnuts, wilted greens

8. What should an athletic person do
immediately upon waking up in the

Drink 8 oz. of ice
cold water

Drink 8 oz. of room
temperature water

Exercise vigorously
for 10 minutes

Exercise vigorously for 10 minutes, then
drink 8 oz. of room temperature

Eat an

Eat an overripe

9. Which of the following will help cure

Eating wheat germ before bedtime,
drinking warm water upon waking, regular

Abstaining from dairy, regular exercise,
abstaining from sugar

Correct diet, regular exercise, sweet

Proper diet, vigorous exercise, regular
attendance at church

10. What should people who are
underweight and want to gain do?

Talk less and/or omit details when
talking. Talking uses energy and burns

Avoid drinking during meals (unless the
beverage contains immodest amounts of
cream or sugar).

Drink a beverage made up of milk, syrup,
egg, ice cream, whipped cream, and malted

Worry less. Worrying causes you to tense
your muscles which burns

All of the

11. If you want to lose weight, what’s
the first thing you should do?

Fast for one day; no food, only 5-6
glasses of skim milk (hot or cold) or
buttermilk drunk every three

Take up vigorous exercise upon rising and
following any snack or meal consumed
after 5 p.m.

Eliminate all animal flesh from the diet
until one’s desired weight is

Tell your clergy member that you are
trying to reduce, so that he might hold
you accountable

Join a patriotic women’s group that
supports the war effort, as it is immoral
to not improve one’s health when the
health of so many are suffering during

12. Which of the following is a
recommended lunch for “a normal person”
between the ages of 20 and 33?

Two coddled (lightly cooked) eggs, one
slice of cheese, one corn muffin, 1/2 a

Baked beans, lettuce or celery with nuts,
cottage cheese with whole wheat

A poached egg, baked potato, cream soup,

A bowl of milk with
boiled rice

13. True or false: Anyone wishing to lose
weight should eliminate carbohydrates and



Women should avoid carbohydrates while
men should avoid fats.

14. Which is best to use as a sweetener?




It’s better to go
without sweeteners

15. If you get hungry while dieting, you

Spray perfume or something else aromatic
to stimulate smell centers and cause
hunger pangs to subside

Chew on a citrus peel, drink a cup of
fat-free bullion, or eat half an

Eat 3-5 stalks of celery and drink black

Eat a serving of fat-free gelatin
sprinkled with 1/2 teaspoon of

Do You Know What It Was Like To Maintain A
Healthy Diet 100 Years Ago?

Turn of the century nutrition newbie

So, you don’t seem to know A TON about
diet and nutrition in the nineteen
teens. But, hey, that was, like, 100
years ago, so probably NBD.

Early 20th century nutrition aficianado

You seem to know a bit about healthy
eating and dieting in the early 20th
century. Well done!

Early 20th century nutrition expert

Wow, OK, are you, like, 100 years old?
Because you know A LOT about the way
people thought about healthy eating and
dieting back then. Or maybe you’re just
super knowledgeable. Either way, we’re

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