Do You Remember These As-Seen-On-TV Fitness Fads?

1. What is this buff
guy setting up?

In 1986, Bowflex debuted its first model, the
Bowflex 2000X, which used “power rods” instead of weights
or pulleys to create resistance — and, as you can see, it
looked great in carpeted living rooms.

2. Which workout craze
“combined martial arts, boxing, and elements of dance” to
create an intense cardio workout?


Tae Bo was created in the late 80s by
martial artist Billy Blanks. Tae Bo is named after “tae,” a Korean word
meaning foot or leg, and “bo,” which is short for boxing,
according to the website.

3. What is this
gentleman using?



Ab Roller

The Ab Roller allows you to do sit-ups
and crunches, and you can turn it over to use it for
elevated push-ups and dips. It doesn’t seem super likely
that it’s responsible for the guy’s shredded abs in the
commercials, but who are we to say?

4. What is this
exerciser wearing?

Athletic recovery suit to keep muscles warm after a

Wind resistance suit to help sprinters with speed

Sauna suit to induce sweating

Strength suit that converts fat to muscle



Sauna suit

Sauna suits are made from material
that doesn’t breathe even a little bit, so as to induce
hardcore sweating, which induces hardcore loss of water,
which induces people to think they’re losing weight. But
they’re not losing fat, they’re losing water weight.
Between the sweat and the heat, beware of dehydration and
even heatstroke.

5. What’s the title of
this book that’s also the name for a kind of exercise?




Prancercise was invented by Joanna
Rohrback, a fitness enthusiast who wanted to make working
out more like play and less like work. It’s considered “a
springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a
horse’s gait, and ideally induced by elation.” In 2012,
Rohrback Prancercised a 5K! Also, this
Prancercise video will turn your day around.

6. This man’s workouts
and fitness gear are named after him. What is his name?
(Hint: Body by ____.)

Facebook: bodybyjake

Jake Steinfeld has been selling his “Body by Jake” fitness
equipment and workouts since the 1990s, and they
are still available for purchase to this day.

7. Which $50 fitness
product says it can “increase upper body muscle activity by
300 percent compared to regular weights” in just six
minutes per day? /



Shake Weight

This vibrating dumbbell’s legacy will
probably be more about hilarious gifs and spoofs than any gains it helped
people achieve.

8. This is a
BodyBlade. What does it promise?

“Twice the calories burned in half the time”

“Lean, toned body in the fraction of a time of a
traditional workout”

“Ripped abs without the diet”

“Science-backed method for improving muscle

9. Which 1991
commercial opened with this pair of legs and featured
Herbert L. Gould, MD? /

10. This is Tony
Horton. Which high-intensity workout program did he create?

Personal trainer and author Tony Horton developed
P90X, a 90-day home fitness program
with a diet regimen that was introduced in 2005 by
Beachbody. Just five years later, Beachbody had sold
$420 million worth of P90X DVDs.

11. Which of these
describes the insanity workout?

Workouts with lightweight dumbbells, high reps, and
as hard as you can go for 1-2 minute blocks with
moderate rest

Bodyweight workouts at max effort for 3-5 minutes
with very short rest

Bodyweight workouts at moderate effort for 7-10
minutes, with very short rest between circuits

Workouts with resistance bands at max effort for 3-5
minutes with very short rest



Bodyweight workouts at max effort for 3-5 minutes with
very short rest.

Insanity is a go-hard-or-go-home
workout program that calls for going as hard as you can
for a few minutes and taking only enough rest to “gulp some air.” It’s also a
Beachbody product, and it claims to transform your body
in 60 days.

12. What is this



Ab Lounge

Ab Lounge is an abdominal trainer
that looks like a deck chair and it claims to be more
effective than sit-ups or crunches.

13. The Federal Trade
Commission filed deceptive advertising charges against
marketers of the Ab Circle, who then had to pay millions in
fines and consumer refunds. What did the Ab Circle falsely

Using the device daily for 10 minutes would shrink
the waist by 1″ every month

Exercising on the device for just three minutes a day
would cause them to lose 10 pounds in two weeks

Exercising on the device for three minutes per day
burns more calories than a 45-minute cardio workout

Using the device for five minutes a day, along with a
sensible diet, would result in weight loss of up to
20 pounds in one month



Exercising on the device for just three minutes a day
would cause them to lose 10 pounds in two weeks.

The Ab Circle made a lot of promises (“Swivel your way to a
sleek, sexy six-pack!”) and the FTC just wasn’t having it.

14. Which device can
get you results like this while you’re “lying down,
watching TV, sitting at the computer, spending time with
your family, working, cooking, or simply resting?”

Ice Melt cold therapy fat loss belt

SlimHot heated fat loss torso band

VibroBelt slimming vibrating massager

VibeRite slimming vibrating belt



VibroBelt slimming vibrating massager

Why work out when you can wear a
vibrating belt that works out for you? Throw it on,
settle into some Netflix, and watch the pounds melt off.
Too good to be true?

15. Who is this smiley
muscular guy and what machine is he using/selling?

Tony Little / Gazelle Glider

Tony Little / NordicTrack



Tony Little / Gazelle Glider

Tony Little is a former bodybuilding champ whose flowing
tresses and Leslie Knope energy make him the perfect
spokesman for the Gazelle, an elliptical for your very own home.

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