FYI, Your Hymen Probably Never Actually Broke


Basically, everything you were ever taught about your virginity
was wrong.

Posted on September 13, 2017, 09:14 GMT

Very wrong, in fact. It is
impossible to know if someone has been penetrated or not by
looking at their hymen.

“The hymen does not ‘break’ the first time you have sex,” Rose
Olson, lead author of a review paper on “virginity testing”
published in the journal Reproductive Health and a medical
student at the University of Minnesota, tells BuzzFeed.
“Looking at the hymen can’t prove someone has had vaginal sex,
or anything else about their sexual history. Everybody’s hymen
looks different. Even the most experienced doctors cannot
distinguish a ‘virgin’ hymen from a ‘non-virgin’ hymen.”

The hymen does naturally
shrink over time!
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The hymen can be quite noticeable when you’re very young, but
due to hormones, by the time you’re around 25 your hymen
probably will have shrunk (technical term: atrophied) to a
size where it’s barely noticeable at all, whether you’ve had
sex or not.

“The hymen is a thin, flexible piece of tissue that changes
with time and exposure to oestrogen in puberty,” Olson says.
“It can stretch and tear easily. By the time you first have
sex, it may already be undetectable.”

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