Here’s What You Need To Know About The Deadly Lassa Fever Outbreak In Nigeria


Lassa fever is spread to humans from infected rodents. Here’s
what you should know.

Posted on March 07, 2018, 23:08 GMT

There is no vaccine for
Lassa fever, and early treatment is critical.

Once a laboratory test confirms someone has Lassa fever, there
are typically two types of treatment. One approach focuses on
symptoms, Rollin says, which means getting the fever down and
giving the person fluids and supportive care.

“There’s also a treatment called Ribavirin [an antiviral drug]
that seems to be effective when given early in the course of
the disease,” Rollin says. In about 25–30% of severe cases,
patients will experience partial or complete hearing loss, for
which there is no specific treatment or cure.

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