If You’ve Done 21/31 Of These Things, You’re Highly Sensitive

Have you ever cried because someone asked you if you were

Posted on August 04, 2017, 13:16 GMT

Cried at an advert that wasn’t even particularly sad

Cried on public transport

Cried because you thought your partner was so nice
and you’re so lucky to have them

Cried because someone complimented you

Cried because you were complimenting someone and
became overwhelmed by how wonderful they are

Cried because someone else was sad, even if they
weren’t crying

Cried specifically because a person was sad and
wasn’t crying, but you felt that the situation
warranted tears

Cried because you saw a really, really old couple who
were still clearly very much in love

Cried because someone asked you if you’re crying

Cried during a film that wasn’t even supposed to be

Cried because you thought about how small puppies are

Cried thinking about all the abandoned dogs in the

Cried because someone was mean to you

Cried because someone was really, really nice to you,
like maybe too nice?

Cried at an inopportune moment and saw a look of
panic in a person’s eyes because they didn’t know
what to do to make you stop crying

Cried at work because you read a sad article

Made a lot of effort to hide behind your screen so no
one would see that you are crying at work

Accidentally made eye-contact with someone whilst
crying at work and sparked a rumour that you were
getting fired, even though you were only crying
because you watched a video about a homeless dog that
finally found its forever home

Specifically searched out videos about homeless dogs
finding loving families because you wanted to cry
over a happy ending

Had to ban yourself from watching dog videos at work
because they will make you cry

Went to the toilets so you can have a nice cry in

Surprised people by NOT crying in a stressful

Cried because you were a bit bored

Had facewipes and makeup on hand because you expected
yourself to cry at some point

Cried so much that you can actually cry on cue now

Cried because you can’t cry on cue and that’s not
fair, because you can cry so easily at all other

Cried during an argument and made the argument seem a
lot bigger than it needed to be

Cried during an argument because it was stressful,
then cried more out of frustration because someone
told you to stop being so emotional

Cried for literally no reason at all

If You’ve Done 21/31 Of These Things, You’re Highly Sensitive

Crying is an exceptionally strong emotional response from you
so you don’t do it easily, you can probably count the amount of
times you’ve done it!

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You’re not overly-emotional, but there are plenty of things
that can bring you to tears. However, that’s not to say that
you cry EASILY, it’s just that dog videos can be very sad and
you’re only human.

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You cry so easily that you can do it pretty much on cue at this
point. If only you could stop crying on cue as well!

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