Period Pain Negatively Impacts 77% Of Women At Work, Survey Says

But 43% of them made up a different excuse for their boss.

Posted on October 12, 2017, 04:25 GMT

But only a third (36%) of the 1,001 women surveyed whose
performance was affected by the pain had ever revealed to their
employer that this was the case.

Many (43%) of those surveyed lied and pretended their inability
to work was due to something else, while 24% just carried on
working like the tender-wombed warriors they are.

Around three in 10 (30%) surveyed had to take a short break
because of the pain, and nearly two-thirds (63%) either had to
go home early (30%) or take a day off (32%).

The most common impact (47%) of period pain was more difficulty
in concentrating.

South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and Japan have laws in place allowing women time off
work when they are menstruating. Taiwan’s three days off a year
for menstrual cramps is the most generous.

The survey found 66% of Aussie women supported similar measures
being introduced.

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