Puppies Might Be Causing A Diarrheal Illness Outbreak In Seven States


Who knew something so cute could cause so much diarrhea?

Posted on September 13, 2017, 17:59 GMT

Those infected include 12
Petland employees and 27 people who either bought a puppy at
Petland, visited a store, or visited or live in a home with a
puppy from Petland.

The CDC reported that those affected range in age
from 1 to 64. Nine people have been hospitalized, but there
haven’t been any reports of deaths. Laboratory evidence
indicates that Petland stores are likely to be the source of
the outbreak, but additional laboratory results from people and
dogs are pending. According to the CDC, Petland is cooperating
with health officials.

In a statement published on Sept. 11, sent to BuzzFeed News
from Petland’s director of public affairs via email, the
company said that “the CDC has not indicated any failures of
Petland’s operating system that would lead any
Campylobacter infection” and that the company reinforces
proper hand sanitation before and after handling any puppies,
and has strict kennel sanitation protocols.

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