We Need To Talk About Sadsturbation

6. Or, you
might find yourself crying after masturbating, which can
help you have a healthy ~emotional release~ on top of a
physical one.

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There are a ton of reasons this might happen and it’ll be
different for everyone, but according to Castellanos, when you
orgasm, there’s such a shift in hormones, oxytocin, endorphins,
etc., that it can easily trigger a strong emotional reaction.

So, that response might be related to an emotion (like feeling
happy, sad, lonely, overwhelmed, generally verklempt, etc.), or
it might just be because you’ve been a little emotionally
stuffed up lately and your body finally has a way to let it out
thanks to that orgasm. So, tears.

And if the tears come, Castellanos definitely recommends
letting it out and feeling your feelings because not only is
crying itself a great stress reliever and cathartic AF, but
also, suppressing emotions is good for NO ONE. “If you keep
yourself from the full expression of it, you never really fully
give it release, so it sticks around,” she says.

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