Would You Spend Your Tax Refund on a Cosmetic Procedure? Here’s What You Can Get With Your Hard-Earned Cash blog

Now that your 2015 taxes are (hopefully) filed and behind you,
were you fortunate enough to get a refund? If it just so
happens that the government will be returning some of your
hard-earned cash, what will you be using it for? Electronic
gadgets, an island vacation, a shopping spree… or plastic

We polled our community and found that
29% are planning on spending at least
part of their tax returns on a cosmetic procedure
Here’s a quick and easy list of how you can put your refund to
work, broken into $100, $500, $1000, and $5000 levels.

At the 

average cost of about $100, 
you can try a number of non-invasive

Here are some options for the 

average cost of about $500:

Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles with a little
Botox (Worth It Rating: 94%),
which can also be used for a host of other things like
treating migraines and excessive sweating. Member tl051c
expressed pure excitement in her review of the treatment: “I am
so stoked… it’s been 2 weeks and botox for jawline
reduction totally worked!!!!”

If you’ve got rosacea, there are a number of treatments you can try
(Worth It Rating: 89%). Member CaliKMP is “very pleased with the
Atralin and AcZone. I haven’t had any side effects, like
itching or burning, from either topical. And I’m THRILLED not
to be on oral antibiotics anymore.”

Treat sun damage, redness, or broken capillaries with a
photofacial (Worth It Rating:
96%). Member newAZgal is amazed with her results: “The
photofacial cleared my skin of any redness (broken
capillaries) or brown spots (I am a redhead). It has a
beautiful even color now and my pores look smaller.
Definitely worth it.”

If you got a cool 

$1000 tax refund
, you can do everything above or try:

Get rid of unwanted body or facial hair by investing in
some laser hair removal (Worth It Rating:
71%). User Excitedyetnervous91 seemed pleased with
the results after her treatment and proclaimed, “Laser hair
removal has been a life-saver!”

If you’re suffering from tattoo regret, PicoSure might be where you want
to spend your refund (Worth It Rating: 95%). Member rcap is excited about his second Picosure
session after seeing initial results. “Overall I would
say it’s about 25% lighter. It healed pretty good, but itched
pretty bad around week 2. I can’t wait for my next

If it’s cosmetic enhancement you’re after,
injectable filler Silikon 1000 is an
option (Worth It Rating: 90%). It’s used for acne scars,
facial volume loss, lip augmentation, and wrinkles. Member
artsy23 used it for a non-surgical nose job, which helped boost
her self-confidence. A few months after her procedure she
said, “I feel so much better about my nose.”

$5000 refund 
is nothing to sneeze at (lucky you!). You’ve got all
the options above, plus:

Blast fat cells with Smart Lipo (Worth It Rating: 90%). Member
ChrisBNYC did his first treatment last year and said in a recent review, “I am now 3 days
post surgery and have already fallen in love with my new

If you’re looking to create six-pack abs, there’s always
Liposculpture (Worth It Rating:
92%), a variation of liposuction intended to created a more
“etched” appearance. Member Achilles68 was “transformed”
after his liposculpture procedure and revealed in his review, “I was
transformed, sending my self-esteem and confidence level to
newly obtained heights.”

If you’ve got crooked teeth and don’t want to deal with
braces, Invisalign could be a great option (Worth
It Rating: 87%). Member usaki’s treatment took a little over a
year, but it all seemed worth it: “My teeth
look really perfect and beautiful now, There’s no gap in
between my upper front teeth anymore, and they are the
beautiful “U shape” instead of the old “V” shape! I don’t
have an overbite anymore! All I can say is that my teeth are
perfect I love it so much!!”

Don’t see anything that works for you? Research
average costs for a plethora of sophisticated beauty treatments

What will you spend your tax refund
Share in the comments below!

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